Confession time... losing sleep over a Rolex

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  1. Okay, confession time... I've been LOSING SLEEP over the thought of getting a new watch... tossing and turning... countless nights of being in bed, surfing the web for pics when I should be sleeping. I shouldn't be losing sleep over this! LOL! Wish I had more self control... so anyway, maybe you ladies can help me out.

    Please bear with me as I want to give some context...

    I currently have a ladies Datejust SS/WG Rolex, jubilee band with hidden clasp. I've worn it every day since I got it - almost 4 years now. LOVE IT, and it gets lots of compliments!

    However, I've been itching to get my hands on a larger, chunky watch. I'm drawn to yellow gold, and prefer 18k over 14k. I have trouble thinking of getting a brand other than Rolex, because I love the look and the quality! (Thanks to the Celebrity watch thread, haha!)

    I go back and forth on wanting a larger watch because it's "sportier" or "dressier". I know most dressy watches are smaller, but you can't deny that a gold watch of any size isn't blingy! I still can't articulate WHY I want a large gold watch yet... but I just know I do!

    I tried on a mens 36mm gold day date Rolex, and it looked like I was borrowing my dad's watch, and imo it was a little too blingy for me. I tried on a two tone 31mm midsize, and liked the size better, especially if it was going to be all gold. If I was going with two tone, I think I could pull off the 36mm since it's not as showy.

    However, the 31mm all gold Rolexes are a bit hard to find, and I decided I'd like to get a preowned watch. They're even harder to find preowned since there's less stock of that size. Even preowned, it's more than what I want to spend right now.

    So... I was toying with the idea of getting a 31mm or 36mm 18k gold Rolex with a leather band. I quite like the leather band look, and if it's just the case that's gold, I could maybe go as big as the 36mm. BUT if I can find a 31mm (or even 34mm) gold Day-Date or Date, then I'm thinking I could always "upgrade" and purchase an 18k gold bracelet (probably oyster or president at a later time. I could do that with the 36mm too, but it'd be too blingy for me, I think (though it looks great on others).

    Any advice for me, ladies? Will the popularity of big gold chunky watches pass? Should I save up for buying the (preowned) Rolex I really want, or does the buy-watch-with-leather-strap idea sound ok for now and then wait to get a bracelet put on later?

    Oh - I good "happy medium" I've considered is a men's Movado museum dial, in gold w/ black or white face... on a leather strap. Yay / nay?

    Lastly... any pics out there with women wearing big gold Rolex watches with a leather strap? Can't seem to find any... I like being unique and different with that, but can't help but think maybe it doesn't look good on women?

    Thanks for listening to me ramble...! Hopefully this will ease my conscience and I'll be able to get a good night's sleep tonight! LOL!
  2. I think wearing big watch is a trend. 31mm is the largest I would go. So, please forget about the 36mm, unless you have thought of passing it to your husband or son later.

    All gold 31mm can be classy, I like the president bracelet with MOP dial and roman numerals.

    I thought it would be easier to buy a watch with bracelet and then get a leather strap separately. Is it possible to get a bracelet separately?

    I have never seen Rolex with leather strap in real life but overheard a customer who wanted to change her husband's bracelet to a leather strap at the authorised dealer. Just a suggestion, try to change your 26mm's strap to leather, wear it for a while and see if you like it. You can always get cheaper straps just to try. are not alone in losing sleep over things like that. I do....sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of bags, watches, jewellery, sometimes work but only if I have something very important. My husband says I must be mad to allow my mind to think of such things during such hours....but I can't help it! Well, it only shows that we are very very lucky to worry about such things.