Confession of the day

  1. My confession for today:

    Not only did I eat ramen, which is horrible for my health AND totally against my diet (sodium, msg, etc. etc. :yucky:) but I also had that huge slice of cake leftover from my grandma's birthday. AND I haven't worked out properly in three days.

    I was doing sooooooooo good too! I was at 125.5 two days ago and now I'm up to 129. :wtf::crybaby:

    Anyone else got a confession they'd like to make??? :P
  2. Yes, last night I had pasta and for dester...a banna split and a slice of pumpkin pie :sad: so now i feel fat
  3. Last night after sister wanted a slice of pecan pie that was in the fridge and I stopped her from eating it and engaged her in a conversation that after we finished talking she had forgotten about the pie...she went upstairs to watch some tv and I ran for the fridge and ate the last slice with vanilla ice cream......I couldn't help it.I knew there was one last piece and I was REALLY REALLY craving it.:shame:

    But now that I think about it I just feel so guilty and fat. :crybaby: :sad:
  4. I got mad at my teen and downed a bag of chips.
  5. I just ate 8 pieces of Red Vines in less than 10 mins :shame:
  6. You know I don't usually feel that bad about what I eat. That's probably why I've gone up a dress size. But that's okay, cheese fries and chocolate are worth the extra bit of weight IMO :P
  7. Today's confession:

    Even though I've been preaching for the past year about how horrible mayo is and swore up and down to everyone I know that I would never go near that stuff again... I just mixed two large spoonfuls into my tuna and ate it with saltine crackers. And enjoyed it. Immensely.

    And I cancelled on my personal trainer because I had a stuffy nose and didn't feel like breathing in all that nasty, hot air at the gym. :biggrin:
  8. hellosunshine you are too funny!!! I was good today, but yesterday I totally gave into my craving and got a happy meal from mcdonalds.
  9. Ate a bunch of white frosted doughnut holes. That and Cheez-Its are killers for me. Did really well today until that slip. Oh, well. Tomorrow's another day.
  10. I forgot to eat. Which, in some ways is as bad as eating too much.
  11. I had a really really bad day. I ate Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies for brekkie, potato chips and 5 layer dip for lunch, a BBQ Pork sandwich and a slice of Pepperoni Pizza for dinner and another Twinkie for dessert(must not buy "snacks" at Costco again). My day still isn't over. I always do this on weekends. :wtf:
  12. Hmmmm, I haven't worked out in a week.
  13. I had a big piece of tiramisu, I had 2 slices of pizza for lunch today. So, I called my trainer for an emergency session tomorrow. I'm gonna sweat it out :happydance:
  14. had 3 slices of DHs' special carrot cake. hmmmm. wonder if he will notice or will think he ate it and forgot.
  15. Kattiepie, I ate ramen too. Very bad for you but semi good. Whoops! lol
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