Confession: 'I ruined my mum's wedding'

  1. What the holy hell? Is she twelve? I can understand how preteens and kids feel odd about parents dating / getting married again but the concerns are usually addressed and talked about.

    They usually don't do something as mean-spirited and juvenile as THIS!

    She needs to be repeatedly slapped!
  2. I agree.
  3. That is just pure selfishness and utter lack of respect, caring, and everything else towards her mother. To do that to her mother. My goodness. Let the flogging begin!!!
  4. I guess her mother gave a lot up to raise a brat, i really feel sorry for her.
  5. That's disgusting behavior to say the least. That 'woman' needs to start looking outside herself...she is very self-absorbed. I even question her admitting it. It appears to me it's almost another way of putting attention onto herslef. Bleh.
  6. That is just sad and the girl... no words at this moment, that is how horrible it is.
  7. Aw, I feel bad for her mom!
  8. that is soo mean, I can't believe she did that!
  9. And she says her mom and her were really close. Personally, I do not do things like that to people whom I love.
  10. That's awful...
    I can't believe a daughter would try and ruin her Mom's special day!
  11. Wow, that is horrible. I wonder if she is ever going to own up to changing the invitations bc that is seriously something that would haunt a normal person's conscience for a VERY long time.
  12. that is disgusting....not to mention incredibly selfish
  13. How horrible of her....if she was a teenager which i think she says she was then it's alot more understandable than an actual adult but still, at 15 or 16 you know better than not to ruin your mother's day...
  14. That's terrible. she should be ashamed of herself.