Confession--I bought two,not just one weekender...

  1. I ordered the Rouille Weekender last week as I posted on this forum. But today was my day off, I went to Neiman and the Blueberry weekender went home with me.

    The leather is not that matt and thick like my Rouge vivf work,but the color is gorgeous.I thought I just tried on,it would be too big for me.But amazingly, I felt it is not that huge like I thought it would be on me. So off we go. I am waiting for the Rouille weekender impatiently now,dont know how's the leather on it.

    DH just said why my bag becomes bigger and bigger.How can guys understand about Balenciaga...:hysteric:
  2. I LOVE big bags. And your two new ones sound gorgeous.
  3. Congratulations! The blueberry is such a great color!
  4. :yahoo: Congrats Chloe!:yahoo: Let us know when the Rouille comes and how the leather is!:smile:
  5. Congrats! The Blueberry sounds lovely!
  6. Congratulations! Two weekenders sound like heaven.
  7. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics of a blueberry work!
  8. wow congrats!
  9. Yay, chloe! This calls for a double congrats! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Can't wait to see your rouille and blueberry weekenders! :nuts: :nuts:
  10. chloe, one can never own too many weekenders! work 'em, girl!:supacool:
  11. blueberry and rouille weekender? i'm officially drooling!
  12. congrats on your 2 new weekenders!!! :yahoo::wlae::choochoo:

    p.s. i don't know what it is with these b-bags, because a rouge VIF wallet followed me home today!!! :P:shrugs::angel:
  13. Congrats on yoru new babies!!!

    one can never have too many B-bags!!