Confession: Have you ever lied about your bag?

  1. I'm sure this topic has come up in the past. Have you ever lied about your bag? Said it was a designer, but it was fake. Or your partner asked, "Is that new?" and you respond with, "What, this old thing? No, honey, I've had this forever!"
  2. Hahaha...I haven't lied to my hubby, but I certainly have tossed out plenty of NM boxes before he saw them!
  3. NO, but I once said it was fake, when it was designer...ha my over curious and judging MIL. That was years ago, and now I don't make apologies for my purse obsession.
  4. I've fibbed about my LV pieces sometimes by telling people they were a gift. I only have epi and suhali bags, so it's rare that they're recognized as LV. But when they are, I say my mom gave them to me because it's easier than answering questions about why I'd buy/how I can afford them.
  5. OMG, I just read my "signature line" when I replied to this DH must have changed it on me as a joke! How freakin' funny. I'm going to have to change his signature on his motorcycle forum site! lol!!!!!

    Sorry, off topic!
  6. Uh....*clears throat*....guilty. :whistle:
  7. I've never lied per se, but my last bag I didn't tell everyone I got it in the sale. :shame:
  8. LOL...well whenever I get a package delivered with a bag inside, I quickly break up the delivery box and put it outside in the dustbin....just to hide the evidence.

    Then when we go out I use the bag, and if my hubby notices I just say that I got it cheap from the market as he knows nothing about designer bags.:graucho: You could give him a PVC bag from a bargain store and tell him it was a Chloe Paddington, and he wouldnt argue about it either way!
  9. Man, I have a lot of confessing to do!!!

    Halzer, I've been doing the same thing- destroying any "evidence" of my new bags. In fact, I haven't used them in front of my husband yet!!:wtf: He knows I'm trying to sell my other bags and would get upset if he knew I had purchased more bags!

    I thought he never noticed bags but a few months ago, I made a comment about something and he said "isn't that a new bag you're carrying?" I was floored he noticed!!

    A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about a Kooba I had seen and I mentioned the price. Her mouth fell open as she asked "You didn't buy it, did you?" I said no. Meanwhile, a few days later I purchased a Balenciaga Day bag....the cost of a couple of Koobas!
  10. Uh ... all the time! I also destroy all boxes as soon as the lastest handbag has been gently lifted out of it. And whenever certain people ask about new bags or cost of bags, I always say I got the bag from one of the outlets - Off Fifth, Last Call or Barneys. I never disclose my full price purchases. My friends and the boys I date are too judgemental! :s
  11. And now if you ever buy the Kooba, she knows what you paid for it. lol Oh well...

    I find that my husband doesn't really care (just maybe if I go way overboard), but my friends and family certainly do! My friends lecture me more than the poor guy paying for them. It's plain and simple, if they don't have the same passion for bags that you do, they will not understand.
  12. Ditto the previous posters. I always break down the boxes immediately and stick the bags in the closet, and I once did lie to him about the cost of a bag. It was a Chloe Betty from the NM sale (which WAS a steal) and I told him it cost $300. Yikes!

    DH knows that I have a bag obsession and fully supports it, but he thinks I sell more than I actually do, and he doesn't know about the actual cost of my Chloes and Bbags.

    Fun thread!
  13. OK, full disclosure- now this is bad!!!!

    As I've mentioned, I've been trying really hard to sell the bags that I no longer use. I told my husband, "well, if I can't sell them, perhaps I will be able to swap." Meanwhile, I said that knowing I had a couple of new bags already hidden in my closet!!!!!!!!!

    He doesn't understand why I love handbags so much. Men!:nuts:
  14. I know! It's a girl thing! Luckily, my husband is not observant (although purchases remain in the trunk of my car until he goes out! - It's that darn UPS guy that rings the doorbell so LOUDLY!! The bell never rings so loud for anyone else!!!!????!!!!) It's the friends who annoy me more with "is that ANOTHER new bag? My response is usually, oh no, I've had it for awhile. That's why I love this site - it's the only place you can be completely honest in the obsession!
  15. all the time LOL
    sometimes, i throw away the paper bags or folded and suffed inside the dustbag with the logo hidden in my paart of the body, with the bag so it seems like i'm carrying junks or old bags when home.
    and i've lied several times hwen people asked me about the price, i feel uncomfortable to share the hiking prices to them, i don't want them to call me bag snob or materialistic :shame: