Confess: Who else sings to their pets?

  1. When we had our beloved Sam alive and well in our house, DH and I were constantly making up songs about Sam and singing them to him. After we got Gracie, we started doing the same thing. :cutesy:

    Who else is as nuts about their pets as we are and makes up songs to sing them? :happydance: :whistle:

    Here's Sam's favorite:

    Love my Sam. Yes I do.
    Love my Sam. Love him true.
    Love my Sam every day, love my Sam every way
    Love my Sam. Yes I do.

    Nauseating, ain't it? :roflmfao:
  2. :shame: :shame: :nuts: I start singing the minute I walk in the door! lol (ok brace yourself) I start with are my girly quelys (not even a damn word) then its I love my girly quelys (pronounced q lees) then I will just chant it over and over. Or I will sing as I am going thru the house I love my girls, I love my pretty girls. mommys pretty little girls....
    OH god that is embarrassing. We have guys here doing work and yesterday was Lillys birthday, I was singing to her all damn day...theres my birthday girl, the prettiest little girl in the world...etc....they were like woman you are crazy! LOL
  3. I do all the time. One of my dogs is named Casey so I call him Casey Jones. I sing "Me and Mr. Jones....we've got a thing goin' on". I also sing "Come Here Lover Boy". I love my dogs and cats more than life itself and I always sing and talk to them!
  4. Absolutely. Both birds and both dogs have little songs that I sing to them.
  5. oh, absolutely! ruby is the only one that doesn't run away when i sing!
  6. Alright I'm squeaking-laughing right now. That's waaaaay entirely too cute!

    I'm ashamed to say that a long time ago a lovely PF'er mentioned a song she sang to her pets, and I totally ripped it off her, and now sing it to my little maya. So thanks pf'er!

    "Maya's a teapot short and stout
    here is her paw and here is her snout..."
  7. I dont even realize it when Im doing it! Its just constant!! lol I swear the dogs love it.
  8. "raises hand"..yep, me too. They probably think I am nuts.
  9. To the tune of Jenny from the Block:

    Don't be fooled by the fur that I got
    I'm the fattest puppy dog on the block
    Used to have a little now I got a lot
    And you know I know where it came from..
  10. Me too! My hubby and I are constantly singing to our kids (2 kitties). Daisy is easy...we sing her the songs from the Daisy sour cream commercials:

    Do do do do do do a dollop
    Do do do do do do a dollop of Daisy!

    And the song from the end of 2001 A Space Odyssey:

    Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do!
    I'm going crazy, all for the love of you!

    And Fitzy is her brother...we sing ridiculous songs to him. :lol:
  11. i make up songs and sing them to my pup. it's fun.....
  12. i just sing random things to my birds!
  13. I confess!! i sing to my cat! lol i jus sing any songs that come up in my head when shes sitting on my lap.. :yahoo:
  14. Even though he does not fully appreciate it, I sing this to my cat Ernie:

    (To the tune of "We Love You Conrad [Birdie]" from Bye Bye Birdie)
    I love you Ernie
    Oh yes I do
    I love you Ernie
    Yes this is true
    When you're not near me
    I'm blue
    Oh Ernie I love you.

    I was in the production of Bye Bye Birdie that my 8th grade class put on and have no idea why I remember this after all these years.
  15. Oh, you guys are too funny with the songs that you make up! I'm not so clever as I just sing to Amy whatever I'm listening to.