Conducting an experiment this evening...

  1. I have a few black bags and now the new RM MA black mini has just joined the collection. I'm letting it sit on the dining room table to see if DH notices its a new bag. Just curious cause sometimes he'll say "is that new?" when it isn't.
    I'll post my research results when they come are so fun to experiment on.:lol:
  2. My DH will ALWAYS notice the new thing (be it clothing, shoes or bag) -- never mistaken. Wonder how he does it...

    Sometimes I wish DH was like my Dad -- this man NEVER noticed anything my Mom got and if he tried to pay her one of those probing compliments "oh, this is nice -- is it new" her denial was never questioned (and most of the times she wasn't lying as the thing wasn't new anymore)... ehhh
  3. Oh how fun! Please let us know what happens!

    ex BF was eagle eye; he could always spot something new on me whether it was shoes, bags, clothes, you name it!
  4. yeah my DH is like my dad was sometimes. he'll ask me if something is new when in fact not only is it not new but something I've worn about 3 times already!
  5. Oh my gosh, this should be fun, LOL!! Keep us updated.:sneaky: Btw, congrats on the MA bag, LOVE it!
  6. PKitty, do you have one of these? or have you seen one? what do you think of the blue zipper?
  7. This is hilarious!!! I can't wait for the results :roflmfao: My husband thinks everything I own is new, everytime I wear it lol. I mean c'mon, doesn't it look even a little familiar? :smile:
  8. Nothing gets by my dh! We share a walk in closet, so unfortunately I can't hide much...
  9. The bag lies waiting for his return....
    a MA.jpg
  10. how fun! i can sometimes get a bag past the BF - if it is plain unlogoed.
  11. okay he's been home for 10 minutes....has looked straight at it then looked for the mail....not a peep! he did bring home a red velvet cupcake for me though....:drool:
  12. Adorable-- he's (she's) surely your perfect accomplice! :supacool: Hehe! I would sooo do this experiment on my own DH! The other day he noticed my new lesportsac-- of all bags to notice!!! He doesn't notice when I switch from a black bag to a grey bag in the same style though...or if I swith from a large to a smaller of the same style bag.

    Aw! How sweet of him to bring you a red velvet cupcake! I love those things! The RM bags are perfect for going unnoticed if you don't like too much attention I guess... Esp. in the versatile classic black...! I love ur mini black and BTW I LOVE the blue zipper...which is one of the things that attracted me to the black w/basketweave MA that's been preordered.
  13. yeah I got the basket weave on pre-order as well. hope I like it too! okay its been 2 hours and he still hasn't given the bag a second glance! I'm gonna leave it there till the morning to see if he still doesn't notice it....I think he's afraid to ask if its new because he doesn't want to look dumb! poor fella. :lol:
  14. Can't wait to hear what he says ...
  15. No, I don't have one yet, although I am seriously considering getting one, each time I see it, I love it more, but I am not sure which color, yet. For the blue zipper, I love that! It adds a flavor to the bag with that splash of color, and black and blue are great together!:tup:
    And I am willing to bet that your DH will say something about the bag by morning, LOL!