Condolences? or Congrats? Fersen *pics*

  1. :nuts: I don't know what to do. :shrugs: My Fersen arrived yesterday, & I'm still thinking about whether or not to keep it. I know that if I have to think about it at all, I probably should return it. :crybaby: Yes, it is gorgeous. Yes, I have admired everyone on the PF that has posted pics. But!!!!!!!!!!! I feel that the purse is carrying me!! It is ginormous! I'm posting pics for everyone to see. Please offer your condolences or congrats. :confused1: Thanks.



    Fersen & Kirsten:

    I'm going to think about Fersen for a few days. Sometimes it takes a while to get used to a new bag & feel comfortable carrying it. Feel free to post comments. I'm totally loving the look, it's just the size that has me doubting it. :sweatdrop:
  2. i say return. you already have the smaller one. It's such an "out there" bag that i think it's best in smaller doeses. get something suhali (my fav. line!)
  3. You are right --- it is ginormous! I saw one IRL last week and I thought that the bag would be carrying me instead. Gorgeous detailing on the bag, though.

    Good idea to take a few days to think about it. Good luck! I know I'm not helping here... lol....because I don't know if it's congrats or condolences, either.
  4. Hmm yes I kind of agre, if you feel you are having doubts then perhaps it isn't for you, plus the Kirsten is just as pretty (and though I don't know how much influence I am, I prefer the Kirsten to the Fersen anyway:smile: )
  5. well if you normally take a few days to get used to it then wait etc, but you already have the kirsten which is TDF, i just like the dentelle in small doses, but then again its such a stand out piece, oh I dont know! sorry! xx
  6. It is a little big... Maybe you just need some time to think about it.
  7. not a fan - plus you already have the smaller one. if you are not totally crazy about it I would let it go now while you can still return it. in my experience, if I wasn't head over heels I didn't use it.
  8. Can you post a pic of yourself wearing it? Looking at your decor, it certainly seems to fit with your taste.
  9. Wow, it's pretty big. I say return and get something a little less big, you already have the Kirsten. Don't get me wrong the Fersen is sooo gorgeous! :love:
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. It helps to hear them, I promise. :yes: I agree that Fersen is very bold, & maybe it's better is smaller doses, but I thought that I wanted the same look in a larger bag. :sad: I tried it on at the trunk show, but didn't remember it being as large.
  11. lol. very observant. lol. I'll try & post a pic of me modeling it later.
  12. It does look mighty large in the together shot! I think that if you are already having your doubts that it might not be a bad idea to return it. I agree, take a few days to think about it.
  13. I think it's huge, but that's just me. And yes, if you are having any regrets I would take it back since you have a smaller bag anyways. It is pretty but I think too big in my opinion.
  14. Although beautiful, I prefer it in smaller doses as well.
  15. I say return it. not totally loving this bag:shrugs: