Conditioning Legacy Leather?

  1. I think I've seen this discussed before, but I can't find the thread. I know that Coach says not to put any products on legacy leather, but have any of you found it safe and beneficial to use Apple Garde (sp?) or something similar on your legacy bags? I just got a Whiskey Ali and was considering treating her before I take her out for a spin. Thanks for your input!
  2. Do not put anything on the Ali. Carry a plastic bag to put it in in case of bag weather.
  3. Some people do nothing and some people use Apple. The split seemed to be about 50-50 the last time this came up. Coach says to use nothing.
  4. I have put nothing on my whiskey shoulder bag or my Vachetta ergo. They are still beautiful! I have put the conditioner on my white Ali... and the Apple garde on my LV trim. It didn't change the color of the trim on the LV's at all.
  5. Exactly. Some people swear by the Apple leather condition on their Legacy bags and others don't use anything. I've never put anything on mine but all of my Legacy bags are black leather so they don't really need anything. If you are worried about damaging the leather, I don't think that will happen. It might change the texture but from others' posts I don't think it hurts it.
  6. Thanks for the replies! Taralindsey, did your Whiskey leather get water spots (or are you very careful in the rain?)
  7. Hmm. If that's the case, I think I probably won't try it...
  8. I have the '06 shoulder bag in whiskey and i got caught in the rain w/ her today---no spots! she looks lovely! And i have never put anything on her.
  9. I don't treat my legacy bags. Where do you get apple gard anyway ? I need to order some for another bag. I heard that the silicone in the coach moisturize can break down the stitiching in leather bags so I would like to use apple gard, thanks
  10. Great question! I was told by the SA not to treat my Whiskey Legacy Shoulder Bag but the leather hangtag is drying out! While the handbag looks OK, the hangtag is looking very parched! I've been trying to rub my fingers on it daily but nothing seems to be helping it - it's so dry that it appears lighter than whiskey! Do you think the appleguard conditioner would help?
  11. I got mine from .
  12. thanks !
  13. You're welcome! I think I picked a bottle up at Burlington Coat Factory once, too.

  14. There is one water spot on it.. it's not noticeable really. I am pretty careful with it, and I don't carry it if I know it's gonna rain. I bought it used and it's still really nice. I think the whiskey can take more than we think.
  15. I did not treat my whiskey Mandy because I was too scared after the SA told me that it could damage the leather to condition it. I planned on just carrying out when it was dry but I got caught in a rainstorm on Sunday. It was beautiful out and then started pouring. My bag got soaked and I was really worried about it. Once it dried though, I did not have a single spot on it. I think that people really are overly cautious with the legacy leather. It is not as fragile as we are all made to believe.