conditioning leather

  1. does anyone here condition the leather on their chanel bags? even the metallic ones? i condition my coach bags but i wasnt sure about chanel?
  2. I just bought the Medallion tote Saturday & the SA told me not to put anything on it & just use a damp cloth to wipe anything off.
  3. does it have metallic leather? i was reading about apple guarde leather conditioner but i think u can only use it on smooth leather
  4. I Had This Posted Earlier And Everyone Suggested The Apple Conditioner.. I Have The Medallion Tote In Pink And I Just Used A Damp Cloth..
    My Other Bags I Never Ever Cleaned, But Some Are Looking Dull
    So I Need To Get The Apple Conditioner. People Have Said Its Available At Burlingtons
  5. hmm i have the deerskin bowler and i use it every day..but im scared to use the apple condition on the metallic leather...
  6. I use Apple Conditioner for all my Chanels and LVs. I have a beige Multipocket reporter that I use the APple Conditioner on and it really keeps the leather protected.

    First I use a microfiber cloth which I purchased from a optical store, used to clean lenses, which is super soft, to wipe off the dirt or dust. Then I use the Apple conditioner and apply it on another microfiber cloth, a little at a time onto the bag work your way from the top of the bag to the bottom. I have three pieces of cloth, one for black, one for absolutely nothing but white and another for color.

    I would use a soft suede fabric type of material to wipe off access of the conditioner to retain the shine on the bag.

    As for caviar bags, I would use the same process.

    I bought the Apple conditioners from their website.
  7. I wouldn't use anything...
    Chanel encourages we put on some white cotton gloves and condition lambskin with moisture from your hands.

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