Conditioning leather Madeline...problems??

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  1. I bought a medium Madeline tote in Bronze today (with PCE) and as soon as I came home, I conditioned and sprayed it with a water protectant. Then I decided to search tPF for threads on this gorgeous bag... Well, I found one about leather stretching out after it was conditioned (sides losing its shape, the zipper getting "wavy", etc...).

    If you own a Madeline, have you conditioned it? Have you had any problems??? I'm so worried now! I should have searched tPF first and then conditioned it! I absolutely love this bag and love the structure... I don't want it to lose its shape! :sad:
  2. I conditioned my Madeline and had not issues because of the conditioning. It looks geat!

    However, I think it should be noted that any leather will soften with extended use. I have noticed that my large Madeline is getting a tiny bit "wavy" since I have used it a lot - it seems to be forming a little bit of a curvature where it rests against my body - I always carry it on the same shoulder, so it seems to be forming to my body a bit. I do not think it is a flaw at all, though. Leather is a flexible, breathable material that naturally wil always break in to some extent as it gets worn. I wouldn't worry about it ever getting floppy - it will stay structured - but it may start to curve a bit depending on how you carry it.

    Enjoy your new bag - the bronze is gorgeous, and the Madelines are so easy to stay organized in! :tup:
  3. ^^^ They are extremely easy to stay organized in!!!! I like to keep my stuff in certain order (for when I need to find something inside really quickly) and this bag is perfect for that! Thank you for your response!