Conditioning lambskin? Cleaning caviar?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have a few Chanel lambskin bags and I'd like to keep the leather supple. Do you ladies know of any products that work on dark and light leather? The bags are so expensive that I'm scared to try anything without a really good recommendation!

    Also, what do you use to clean your caviar leather bags?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I've use the apple conditioner on just about every bag.
    I have also clean my black classic lambskin with the apple condition and it worked great. No fading at all.
    As for caviar, because its texture and the leather isn't porous I think a wipe down with a damp cloth is good enough for cleaning.
  3. Vixy, what is "apple conditioner"?

    A lot of LV addicts use the conditoner and spray on the vachetta on their LV's. Make sure you get the conditioner and NOT the cleaner.

    The spray is a great water repellent, it protects your purses from watermarks. I also like the vectra spray as well.

    You can purchase it online or from your local Burlington Factory store.
  5. Thanks, Vixy!!

    Have you tried it on light colored lambskin? Thanks!
  6. I haven't tried it on any light color chanel lambskin BUT I have used it on my white bulga and no problems at all.

    As for the Vectra spray I do know a few people that have spray down their white reissue with no color change.
    Althought the reissue is calf...I don't think there will be a prob. with lambskin either.
  7. this thread is so helpful!
    more tips please...

    admittedly, chanel lambskin is SO fabulous - but it is just SO delicate so i have a lambskin-phobia... for now ;)
  8. can i ask how delicate is the lambskin? anyone with bad experiences with lambskin? Thanks
  9. I got an apple conditioner yesterday and applied it to taupe color chanel lamb skin bag and i feel like the color faded "a little"... maybe I applied too much?? O.O
  10. Have the flap bags ever been made in Calfskin??

  11. i used apple conditioner on pink chanel lambskin.. works amazing!
  12. Of coz company will suggest you to Professional clean only.
    But Coach leather cream cleaner in clear color work really well.
  13. Selena, I had the same question about the flap being made in calfskin. Idon't know the answer to this, but I'll try to ask next time I call a chanel boutique.
  14. After doing alot of research I think my bag is about 16 years old and I believe it is made in calfskin not lambskin. There are so many different types of leather and styles that its hard to figure out exactly what is what.
  15. Has anybody tried the apple garde(the rain&stain repellant)on their lambskin??