Conditioning Bleeker Leather?

  1. I just bought my mom the Bleeker Sig Lg Flap in Khaki/Saddle and ordered the Large Bleeker Leather Falp in Buckskin for myself. Does anyone here recommend the apple conditioner for this type of leather? I understand it's vintage leather, which I didn't think you were supposed to use the Coach conditioner on. Help! Thanks in advance!
  2. The Bleecker leather I believe is actually burnished leather, which Coach recommends you do not use cleaner on, but conditioner is okay. I have not used my Apple Care on my Bleeckers yet, but either that or the Coach conditioner are fine for the Bleecker collection.

  3. I have the large bleecker flap in green and have used the Coach moisturizer on it with great results.
  4. I am glad you asked this, as I have a bleecker on its way to me in the post and would like to make sure that it doesn't get watermarks and that i can get dirt out and leave it all nice without damaging it!
  5. I condition all of my Bleeckers and they are beautiful!! I have use the Coach and Apple. I haven't had a problem with water marks on any of my bags. (even the suede ones...knock on wood):noggin:
  6. While I haven't had occasion to condition my Bleeckers yet, I do always spray them with Wilson's leather protector before using them. It prevents watermarks and protects against stains. The spray is also great for the signature fabric and helps protect that, as well (even though it is stain-resistant when you buy it).

    I don't generally like to use conditioner on my leather bags unless I have to because I often find it changes the feel of the leather. While many people prefer to soften their bags, I prefer to keep them in their original-looking state as long as possible! I don't use cleaner unless I have to and I don't condition unless the bag is looking unkempt. I haven't found that conditioning before use improves outcome over using just the spray.
  7. Do you have to go to a Wilson's leather store in the mall to buy their protectant spray or can it be bought at Walmart or someplace easier?
  8. They normally have it online at the Wilson's Leather site, but I don't see it available right now. Otherwise it is only available either at a Wilson's mall store or a Wilson's outlet store.
  9. I saw some leather protectant at Walmart but I think it was only for suede/nubuck. I'll get some next time I'm at the mall from Wilson's. Thanks!
  10. I conditioned my Magenta duffle with great results. When I got it, it was pretty banged up and the conditioner made it look new again (even though it was new when I bought it)