Condition of your bags, do you love the flaws too??

  1. I wanted to put this question out there to see if I was alone on this matter. I have been looking at some of the collections on line (still waiting for mine to get approved) and noticed that a lot of bag were very "broken in". I am horrible in the sense that if I notice any type of scuff or flaw I have to condition my bag immediately and try to rub out or fix any spot or scuff.

    If I can't make it better my once perfect bag is now tainted in my eyes. I can't seem to look past stains, scratches, nics or anything of that nature. What's wrong with me?? I will sell it and try and buy a new one if I can find it. I have tried to buy "previously owned" bags online and it NEVER works out for me. I have to start new.

    Is anyone else as obsessed as I am about the condition of their bags? I've had some of my bags for a while but I swear they could pass as NWT b/c I take such good care of them. I'm just wondering if you still love your bag if it has a flaw?

    Thanks for your responses in advance!
  2. I confess that I love my bags less with flaws as well. I hate when shoulder bags (which I love) rub my hip and either darken or lose color. I start clucking at them and tend to think of them as needy and less worthy, even if no one other than me would ever notice.

    Yet it doesn't bother me if other people choose to carry scuffed up messes.

    Obsessive? Moi?
  3. I am obsessed too. I keep all my stuff, not just bags in like new condition. I had my kitchen completely redone 3 years ago and now that my 2 yr old has put a few dings in the cherrywood custom made cabinets I wish I could start all over, lol! DH would have my head if he even heard me.
    I do not allow shoes to be worn inside my house because I want my hardwood floors to look like they were just installed yesterday even though it has been 4 years.

    I know how you feel.
    I sell my bags once I notice a flaw because I tend not ot wear it. Someone has to keep the economy going (that is what my dh says).
  4. I can overlook a few flaws, especially if it's something I could't afford new, like a Paddy. A few scratches or rub marks are ok with me, but I wouldn't buy or sell anything downright nasty.
  5. I think it depends on the actual "flaw". If it has to do with workmanship, forget it - that's just bad quality. If it comes from general wear or is characteristic of the leather, I don't mind it.
  6. ^ I agree. If it's a natural characteristic of the leather I'm fine with it. But if it's due to damage or wear I won't carry the bag anymore...
  7. Some bags are made to get battered up - my Mulberry Oak Bayswater for example looks fine now it's all battered and worn, and if I bought one again I'd probably buy a second hand so someone else can wear it in for me ;)

    Other styles though just look crap. I've got a Tano for example that has gone all out of shape and saggy on one side, and the colour on the corners has worn off. It just looks naff.
  8. I bought the "perfect" bag about 2+ years ago. It is a tobacco leather Prada shoulder bag, which I have loved pretty much to death. I began to notice early on that where the bag has hit my hip the leather turned dark blue from the dark denim of my jeans. I took it back to Saks and they tried to help me by giving me a leather cleaner/ polish. It is soooo much worse now! Seems to have taken the finish off the leather and make it more prone to staining. But I still love that bag! I use it alot still, but am very sad about the obvious staining on one side. I now just have to make sure to wear that side against my hip so the other side stays nice (and so people don't see the dark staining). Bummer....
    BUT to answer your question, I still love it despite its flaws (but not as much...)
  9. I try to keep them as nice as possible for as long as possible.. if there is a scuff or a mark, i try to clean it off.... if there is a loose stitch, i'll fix it.

    Flaws are going to happen eventually, there are just some flaws you can't do anything about like scratched hardware, etc... buuuut, i try to prevent them, if anything
  10. I like my bags to be "broken in", but not damaged. I like it when they're not so stiff as when I first bought them and I like a darkening on vachetta. However an ink mark on light colored leather ruins the whole bag IMO. That's my pet peeve- ink marks!