Condition disputes

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  1. How do you deal with these? I just had an outside buyer on another site dispute the condition of the a Balenciaga. 1) it is fully disclosed is it a "USED" bag! 2) you are getting the bag for half off! 3) you don't deserve a refund b/c of a pinprick size variation!! Aaaaauuughhhh!

    So I just didn't want to deal w/any drama and told her to send the bag back. Am I getting scammed?
  2. You won't know until you get it back, I guess. I don't know the particulars of your listing but just describing something as "used" doesn't absolve you of listing and showing all the details, btw.

  3. This. Could you provide us more details, such as a link to the listing?
  4. There is used and then there is used
  5. I am no scammer. I am sorry you thought that! The photos you provided me with only showed a stain on the back of the bag when in fact it was also stained underneath and on the front (on the front was a distinct discoloration that was very visible in the daylight). I tried my best to make this an amicable return and sent you pictures of what I was talking about. Had I seen those other marks I would have not bothered to buy the bag as it cost me $50 to return it with tracking, insurance and signature confirmation. I have bought used Bals before and I know you have sold them, neither of us has ever had an issue. I understand that condition is sometimes subjective but I was not shown any of this additional damage only the water mark on the rear of the bag. I do believe you had honest intentions and perhaps did not notice this? I really can't say. But I am not a scammer, just a Bal lover. Your bag is safely on it's way to you as per Paypal.
  6. Here we go...:popcorn:
  7. I sincerely hope not as I have better things to do than upload pics and go back and forth about something that has been resolved. I wish the seller the best and hope that she has better luck listing and selling this particular bag in the future, that is an honest reply.
  8. Condition disputes are based on two people looking at the same item differently--which is entirely normal behavior when a transaction costs real money. Without providing the listing so we can see its text and photos, there's no basis for readers to respond to this hint of a scam, and we all know that there are legit issues about condition. I can't really understand why OP was essentially fishing for confirmation of a scam in process, without any facts pointing to it.
  9. A picture is worth a thousand words. Without the listing it would be difficult to assess
    how used this bag is.
  10. #10 Mar 19, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2014
    The bag was listed as a preloved (used) Bal, I understood this and have purchased pre loved bags before. The only damage noted as per the seller was: "The only sign of wear on the bag is a very slight water mark on the bottom back of the back. I’ve tried to photograph the faint mark (see the picture on the listing of the back of the bag). It is so faint it barely shows up."

    I also asked her to rate the condition of the bag and let me know if it was Excellent, Good or Fair. This was her response: "The purse is in great condition…not quite excellent, but better than good. I used it off and on for about 3 months. I rotate my bags regularly, so it didn’t get heavy daily use. "

    I paid $850 (US) for the bag, she did give me a discount from the $950 she was originally asking. I acknowledged that she had disclosed a small water mark on the back of the bag and this was the reason for the discount.

    As said above, I realize condition can be speculative. For instance, I purchased a like-new pre loved Folk from Real Deal Collection and only paid abut $800.00. The reason I was willing to pay $850 for this bag was because the damage was said to be not very noticeable and on the back of the bag.

    The only reason I am responding to this thread is because my character has been called into question. I do not think I over reacted when responding to the condition of this bag.

    Pictures #1-8 I took of the the bag in question (they show the discoloration to the front of the bag, damage to the underside and back of the bag and some random white spots which were found here and there on the bag, those weren't such a big deal to me).
    Picture #9 was the one I was sent by the seller.

    The listing (or private emails) did not show or mention the damage as such, this is why I was shocked when I saw it in person.

    Can we please end this now? I only want a fair resolution where I get my money back and the seller gets her bag back and is free to re-list as she sees fit.
  11. Now that both buyer and seller are present, we'll let them work this out in private.
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