Condiments WAY over their expiration date

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  1. I have several bottles of condiments (Ketchup, Mustard, Caesar Dressing) that have never been opened, but their expiration dates are like 2005, 2006. Can they still be used? I know it's safer than sorry, but I hate wasting them if they are still usable.
  2. garbage
  3. Toss them!

    If it's within a year & it's something without any eggs or dairy in it, it might be ok if it looks and smells fine... but that stuff is OLD!! :blink: lol
  4. I toss anything that's within a month of its expiration date. Not worth getting sick over it!
  5. No way! Toss them.
  6. 2005, 2006 is too long so i'd toss it. we've used condiments that have expired within the same year though and have never ever gotten sick.
  7. No I would not use it..only if they expired in like April this year or something..
  8. I would also toss it.
    It's not worth getting sick over.
  9. Yikes, thats wayyy too long. Bull gah!
  10. Way too long!!

    If it would have only been a few months or so, I would have still used it...but 2005!?! I don't think so..
  11. Yea anything like that within a 6-8 month period is ok. I'd even give it a year. 3-4 years is way to long to eat.

  12. ita ! ! ! !

    If you don't want to be wasteful, ask a friend who has an active compost if she wants them. It will depend on the type of composting she does whether or not she can take them.
  13. i've used some stuff that's way over it's expiration date but 2005 might be a little too old even for me! ketchup usually goes bad about 6 months after it's expiration date. you can just taste a tiny tiny bit and tell if it's nasty.

    mustard is probably one thing that i've kept the longest basically just because i used it for cooking purposes. if the consistency and texture of something has changed... then it's definitely time to toss it out.
  14. These condiments are cheap... don't risk anything & just toss!! My parents NEVER clear out the condiments. I come home during breaks & that is one of the very first things I do!
  15. OMG LOL My guess is they have the expiration dates for a reason. Just buy a new bottle, condiments are cheap and not worth risking illness.