Concord watches??

  1. My husband gave me this watch for Valentines day, But we are not sure about Concord as a brand I guess. I have been wearing an Omega mini Constellation for the last 5 years and wanted something with a diamond bezel. What do you think are they reliable? Anyone have one here?
  2. I have a a Concord, and I love it. :smile: My two watches are an 18K JeagerLeCoultre and a stainless Concord. Neither one has caused me any embarrassment.

  3. Oh that must be beautiful. I would love to have a Patek Phillipe 24 but, It will probably be a while before DH comes home with that one!!
  4. I think the Concord that your DH bought is GEORGEOUS!!! It looks to me like it has just the right amount of bling to make it dressy or look great with jeans. Can you tell that I wish it was mine.

    I live in Houston and work with the legal set, and believe Concord has that certain snob appeal. (Funny story. I left mine on the side of the sink at work and when I went to rescue it, I heard two people talking about how it shouldn't have been left there. :p --duh) Truthfully, in my world more people are in awe of my Concord than my Jaeger just because it's better known.

    However, either way, it's a great brand in terms of functionality--except for battery replacement hasn't missed a tick in the last seven years.

  5. I have a Concord Saratoga with diamonds that I have worn every day for over 20 years and I love it. I always get compliments on it. It has been 100% reliable.