Concord Dylan Review

  1. I have been wearing my concord Dylan for about 3 days now and so far I am not hating it. The leather is incredibly intoxicating and super duper soft. Although I like the softness of the leather, I could do with some structure as I hate it when my bag just melts when set down.

    The colour is a muted, dusty purple. The pic is pretty accurate in terms of the colour.

    I love the many ways that you can wear the bag and the fun zebra lining. It is not true love but I do like it enough to keep it.

  2. Sorry it's not true love. I think it is an incredible bag.
  3. I can't wait for mine to come out of Cupid's Closet on Valentines Day, but when I play with it when I'm home alone, I love it. I'm glad you're liking yours Kings, but I definitely hear you about the fact that the color could be more purple. How is it when you wear it out in natural daylight? Isn't it the softest, squooshiest leather? And it smells so nice. I'm going to enjoy wearing mine out and about. Have you seen the pictures of the new turquoise for Spring 2011? I might have to have that one as well.
  4. I'm glad you're doing ok with your bag kings_20. I love, love, love my medium Dylan tote (iron). I used to prefer bags with structure and now they bother me. Its funny the phases we go through.
  5. Thank you for your review, as I am planning to purchase a black Dylan medium tote. It is definitely different from all the Coach bags I purchase. The Dylan is a lot more casual but I think it would be a great spring/summer bag to throw on and go. I have two small kiddos so I love the idea of a crossbody strap.
  6. I think the color in this muted form looks gorgeous! But that's just IMHO and of course what matters is what you think of it. It's funny you mention structure, I was just talking about this with a friend the other day. One of my first posts on TPF was in the Handbags forum, I was looking for bags that had structure, it was what I was used to and I wasn't impressed by all this 'puddling' everyone was raving about, lol. That was one of the reasons I gave my first LP to my daughter, other than the fact that black bags are just not me, I didn't like the way it completely collapsed onto the counter when I set it down.

    Now I've come to appreciate both, I absolutely love LP for their smushy puddly leathers but I also like bags with more structure. With RM I'll often go for one of their 'stiffer' leathers over the ones that puddle.

  7. I wish that the bag was more hoboish. I love the way it hangs when worn with the detachable strap at its shortest. The two handles make the bag too squarish looking, even though I know it's supposed to be a tote.

    I love how comfy the bag is and the muted purple does go with almost everything. I do have a purse organizer in my bag so it does sit nicely. I do wish that the base was fixed into the bag and not a removeable piece.

    As for structure, I love my bags to be semi structured. Not too stiff but not too puddly either. I am loving how comfy this bag is and the leather is so cuddly soft that I just want to give my bag a hug lol.
  8. I think this past season's totes are more squarish than some of the older ones. I notice my chianti is more squarish than the older olive I had for a short time. They are so comfy to cuddle against your body! :smile:

  9. I really like my concode Dylan but I'm not sure if it is love as well. I can't bring myself to part with it, but there are a few things that I would change to make it love love. I do get a little annoyed sometimes with the lack of structure. It is a great color and I love how soft it is, but sometimes it is hard to find suff in that thing! I would also make it a bit less square and maybe a tiny bit smaller. It is my most casual bag, so that is different for me as well. Funny because it's not like I am going anywhere fancy, but I like my bags to be a little less casual.
  10. ^^

    Agreed. I also dislike how the zipper gets stuck when you unzip it too far and you have to take the whole bag off your shoulder to rezip shut. I also can't reach over and unzip the front pockets while driving if I need to grab something one handed. I am going to wear it for the week and will determine if I will keep or sell.
  11. I like the casual look, but then I live in jeans and cargos, not to mention out in a rural area.

    I think you might like the older season Dylan totes, not only are they not as square but they also seemed a tiny bit smaller.

    I've had no problems with the zippers. I would buy another Dylan tote if it came in a color hardware combo that I loved! I think it's one of LP's best bags.

  12. It was actually nice outside today and I had my bag out in direct sunlight for the first time. Guess what? She is lovely outside in the sunlight. She turned into a purple beauty. The colour seems richer and more vibrant outdoors. So in short, concord is a chameleon colour lol.

    Linda, do you still have your chianti Dylan? That is such a beautiful colour. I love rich wine and burgundy colours along with purple.
  13. That's nice to hear, I love it when I have bags that change colors depending on the lighting. My Tano Tumbleweed in the green does that, I love it when it's in a lighting that brings out some yellow tones.

    Yep, I still have the Chianti, the color is so gorgeous. LP really needs to do more bags in burgundy/wine. :smile:

  14. Iron is too! Its a fun aspect of these bags - but it sure makes it hard to take pics that accurately reflect what the bag looks like!