Concierge Services

  1. Has anyone ever hired the services of a concierge company? Some of the services they offer include picking up dry cleaning, running errands, personal shopping, business referrals, buying your groceries, making your travel arrangements just to name a few. It sounds really interesting and they save you a lot of time for sure. Im just not sure if people are willing to pay someone to do all this things for them...... Can I have your opinion on this issue? Thanks!!!
  2. I haven't...I'm super picky about everything and can't give over control! I need to know where everything is at all times! Shoot...I rarely even let someone else drive LOLOL Control freak :smile:
  3. When I was single, I had a full service concierge in my building. He did everything from finding a cleaning service, to keeping track of dry cleaning and groceries. I still send him a card at year's end every year.

    I highly recommend a concierge. I remember calling my guy when I was away on travel for work to ask him to go into my apt. and turn on the heat or turn off the air conditioner. He was always willing and available to help out.

    The nicest thing he ever did, was to find someone to shampoo my carpet when I had been away for a month. He found the company, booked them, and made sure the apt. was ready when I got back.

    Also, when I got engaged, this guy coordinated with ALL of the vendors for my engagement party. He did this because he so sweet. There was no fee. I did tip him very generously, but he helped me because he's a nice guy.

    It's like having a fairy god mother (or father). Go for it!
  4. I used the concierge service provided wth my Mercedes Benz Visa Signature Card. They helped me find the lowest airfare to Mexico.:tup:

  5. Are you thinking of starting a concierge service? There are people who will pay for the service but they generally tend to be very busy executives, financially secure people, and the 55 and above group.
    Most people assume using a concierge service is too expensive but most times it's not(depending on what they're looking for).
  6. I use a concierge service for locating hard to find items, tickets and travel. I have been very pleased. I do not use them for day to day stuff...since I don't work, it seems excessive to have someone else do that ;)
  7. I don't need a concierge service. I actually ENJOY doing all the stuff you listed there. It's my relaxing time.
  8. My mom's office used to have a concierge service on hand for the entire staff to use (it was a small office). She was great, she'd get us tickets, assist with odd travel plans we didn't have time for, get us into restaurants that said there were no reservations available, etc. She recently went out of business though. I thought it was great for last minute things, but overall, I am not sure I would ever need to personally employ one.
  9. I used to use Vertu, but now use Quintessentially. I dont use them often but mostly for reservations, travel, recommendations, try to find me something etc.
  10. Actually I am taking a Personal Shopper course that is three months long and last week was my first class. It was SOOO interesting. I have a friend who runs a concierge service here in Madrid for english speaking people like for example American Executives who either come to Madrid for tourism, business or who will relocate to Spain for work. They also take care of some of the soccer and basketball players here that come from Brasil and the US.

    They have asked me to join in and take care of the Personal Shopping Services they offer. I think in the US it is a very popular service but here in Spain it is now taking off.

    The reason why they are very successful is because their team is made up of english speaking people who understand the needs of expatriates when they arrive to a foreign country and where they dont speak the language or dont know the habits or the culture of the country.