concidering a hermes purchase

  1. i'm a guy and i absolutely adore birkins and kelluys particularly birkins in croc, one of my hardressers clients has one in burgendy its so gorgous anyway. i'm only 16 so i dont have a terrible about of cash so my allowance on hermes will only go to $2500 maybe $3000 if its to die for. the only problem is there isnt really anything i love at hermes thats for men, im never going to wear a tie or scarf, the luggage is way too pricey, the agendas i find are very simple and although clasical the croc is the only one i like and at $8000 i have no choice but to wait a few years, can you show me some hermes stuff on the affordable side? or for future reference anything masculine that resembles a birkin cos that will be my dream! do you think i should just get a lv cos im lv to the heart and have a few pieces already?
  2. I think you would enjoy looking in the sticky or both sections at the top of the Hermes threads.
    Have you thought about a wallet? A croc wallet maybe? or, do you want a bag?
    Give us more of you thoughts.
  3. I don't know what the agenda books cost or a belt maybe.
  4. i have a lv wallet already (it was my sweet 16th present) so im not on the market for a new one just yet. i have heaps of perfume from presents its acctually kind of annoying cos i cant buy the ones i like more. no bussinessmen stuff like ties or cufflinks, i would love a pair of shoes but im so so scared i would ruin them a bag is closer to you so care is much easier, sorry if i have narrowed it down too much does hermes have any signature cuffs or jewlery?
  5. i do need a belt how much would a croc leather one be?
  6. Hermès has a lot of silver bracelets in different styles and I've seen guys wearing them too.. I have the "Chaine d'Ancre" (there's a pic in the Hermès bracelet thread) There's a male model in last year's (or the year before) catalogue wearing this bracelet together with another chain bracelet, I like how these bracelets look on guys...;) :biggrin:
  7. where is that thread i cant find it lol and how much roughly are we looking at
  8. I was at the Hermes store yesterday, and the croc belt cost about $1760... correct me if I'm wrong, ladies (and gentlemen) :smile: Of course I think the regular H belt is also fabulous... around $460.
  9. ok yeah thats conciderable, im in australia and the markup at lv is about 1/3-1/2 from the american dollar price so if the same goes for hermes that could be more than 3k i mean its probly worht it but i dont have that money right now, one day i will lol
  10. You have to go back a few weeks I think, it's not too recent. My bracelet was about $800. But they have cheaper ones aswell, also leather and silver combos...I know:idea: , if you can't find the bracelet thread, go to Hermès website ( and there was a pic of this Chaine d'Ancre bracelet and some others aswell...:biggrin:
  11. naughtymanolo.. whereabouts in Aussie are you? I used to go to school in Melbourne, and I love that city so much. I still go there sometimes coz i still have a place over there, which I dont want to sell.
  12. This bracelet is cute:

  13. A belt or cool bracelet would be a wonderful buy!
  14. yeah im leaning towards an hermes accessory as appose to a gucci belt bag it would definately last longer! and sarah i live in Sydney and the hermes store is so tiny its like a closet! (and dont comapre it to one of our size closets, an ordinary non-fashion victims sized closet)
    sarahcantiik, i am in Melbourne & own lots of property here. Just wanted to say that if you have a foothold in the market here you're right - DON'T SELL! Looks like Melbourne property is on the come back before Sydney this time. :biggrin:
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