Concession H Stores

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  1. Hey I have a question... when i was at the h boutique earlier this week, i overheard a SA tell a customer that her store credit could be used at Hermes boutiques worldwide, except for Manhasset and Greenwich boutiques, b/c the latter two are concessions. As soon as he was done with the customer, i asked him what he meant my concession stores, and he said that they weren't owned by Hermes, they are privately owned. He didn't elaborate... but I still don't understand how they are privately owned.

    Is concession a fancy way of saying franchise? Who owns those stores? I'm curious b/c the Manhasset one is the closest one to me, and i read past threads saying that the Manhasset boutique's computers are independent of H worldwide records.
  2. i've read that too, that those stores are separate, so i guess it's true, and it sure sounds like a franchise in some form or other.
  3. Basically Yes...franchise. and there are many, many, world wide...another example is the Hermes at K.O.P.
  4. doh:push: :confused1: did not know that.
  5. Do those concession stores get a smaller amount of bags that they are allowed to order each year then?
  6. I think that each store orders what they are comfortable with as far as overhead goes, but in essence, I think yes.
  7. Does the franchise charge more since they have to pay Hermes for using their name?
  8. No, I have shopped in both, and the prices are exactly the same:yes:
  9. ^^ I didnt know that!! Interesting!
  10. who can afford to franchise a Hermes?
  11. So, Hermes at KOP is not like regular Hermes? Does that store look/work different from other Hermes...?
  12. babyhart - by Greenwich do you mean the one inside another larger store, such as "Richards"? There is also one inside Mitchells in Westport, CT, and while they seem to have a decent collection I don't think they are able to order, and they get far fewer bags than a stand-alone store.
  13. interesting...
    I was wondering too- what about H boutiques inside Neiman's? I was at the one in DC the other day, but there's no mention of it on the H website. They do carry bags and such though... is this a concession? Oe some weird NM thing? I found it interesting that it wasn't on the H site, and it makes me wonder if I can find H closer to home than I thought I could.
  14. The KOP store is TINY. The decor is the same as other Hermes stores though. They just have a lot smaller inventory out on display.
  15. I think all the stores, regardless of size have to conform to the "Hermes Interior Look", the customer is not supposed to feel or see any with McD's...or Burger King...:p they all have that "certain" look!:yes: