Concerto Scarf Question

  1. I need some clarification on the Concerto Carre. I was under the impression it was only available on the second hand market as it was an older design. Today I ran across a F/W 2007/2008 catalog for sale on eBay that shows a sort of yellow colorway of what looks like the Concerto (the pics were small).

    Was Concerto in fact released again this season? If so, I've got some phone calls to make tomorrow!!! :yes:
  2. Wow, I'd love to know too!
  3. Prada Psycho: I had a look at my F/W 2007 booklet and there is now scarf named "concerto" in it. could you post the eBay link perhaps, so I can take a closer look?
  4. Butterfly_77 I just had a look in my F/W 2007 and can't find it, please point me to the right page.
  5. NO, it wasnt. the last time it was reissued in 90cm was in 2003
  6. Sorry, Rose. I wanted to write "there is no scarf...."- My excuses :girlsigh:
  7. ^^ Thank you.