Concert Tickets?

  1. What is the safest way to buy concert tickets on eBay? How do you know if they are the real deal.. This sounds kinda cheesy but I LOVE the Spice Girls and want to go to their Chicago show, but they are all sold out =[, so my last resort is eBay.

    TIA for any responses!
  2. I have both bought and sold tickets on eBay with no problems. Just make sure your seller has a LOT of feedback for selling tickets. Have fun!
  3. i prefer buying tickets on craig's list
  4. There are none available in my area ^^
  5. I wouldn't buy tickets from anyone with less than 1000+ positive FB. It is too easy to fake the tickets and you won't know until you get there.

    You could also try
  6. Ok Cindi, thanks so much. I'm desperate :sad:
  7. and avoid "ticketfast" tickets.
    They can print multiple copies of the same ticket. then only the first one scanned at the door gets in -- the rest are f'ed.

    Check .. they guarantee authentic tickets (and you pay a higher price)
  8. Ohh I didn't know that finz! Thanks for the info :yes:
  9. I haven't purchased concert tickets on Ebay, but I have bought tickets to sporting events. I would check the seller's feedback to see how many other sets of tickets have been sold successfully.
  10. I agree
    Might be more money , but I use them all the time.
    Very safe!!
  11. I wouldnt really worry about the number of feedbacks of the seller, of course there would have to be some feedback. I would focus on, Does the seller sell just tickets? How many ticket sales does this seller have? What is the quality of feedback for this seller ?( Ex. Neutral-Negative-Positive). If they dont normally sell tickets I wouldnt purchase them. Also having 1000 positive feedbacks really doesnt mean anything if there seller doesnt normally sell tickets. Hope this helps. Classy
  12. I will usually purchase tickets if the seller has a picture of a hard ticket and good feedbacks. Don't ever buy from sellers who prints them.
  13. Awwww... who DOESN'T love the Spice Girls? Yeah 1996, baby!