Concerns on BV Bags

  1. I carried my Carmine Veneta out for the first time yesterday and am sooooo proud of it!

    However, yesterday the sun was very bright and the weather very hot. My Veneta was exposed under the sun for the whole afternoon. My concern therefore is: does the color fade away from BV bags esp. with sun exposure?

    Any advice will be welcomed. Thanks!:heart:
  2. I am not sure if the color fades after long exposure under the sun, but I am sure it's somehow not good to have your BV under the sun for long hours. Regarding to color fading, the color of my quarzo veneta did fade due to rubbing against my clothes. So sad. :sad:
  3. Lemontart, thanks for the reply. Color fading is really my fear since the Carmine color is so vibrant. Therefore I'm really afraid that once it's fading away, it'll lose its charm. I have a Jil Sander bag which used to have wonderful mauve/violet color. Now after several years, the color is totally uneven due to sunshine and rubbing against clothes and arm :crybaby:I'm so afraid that the same thing will happen with my BV...
  4. Yes gemibebe, since the leather of BV is so delicate, it definitely needs special care. When I am driving, I use my jacket to cover the BV so it won't get direct sunshine.