Concerns about vachetta hot weather

  1. Since I am new to LV and the whole vachetta/patina process I have one conern: Will my bags be a problem in the summer when I am wearing lotion/tanners/sweating, etc..and carry my bags on my arm? I sprayed the handles with rain/water proofer, but I really have not had to worry since its winter and I am always wearing a coat and long sleeved shirts. This worries me!!!!
  2. The best is to not let any lotion or wat so ever touch the vachetta. I have sweaty palms and with spore hot humid weather its fine after apple guard. Just NO hand Lotion..
  3. You know, I carried one of my Speedys in 100+ degree weather on a dailt basis for mths :sweatdrop: . Needless to say I was sweating some of that time. :upsidedown: It didn't really bother my bag as I kept it hanging on my arm and I'm sure it came in some contact with the perspiration but didn't cause any discoloration or uneven darkening. I use lotion daily and made sure to wipe excess off of my hands when I touched the vachetta.
  4. This may be funny but I was out with my tivoli the other day and it was freezing, I'm still wondering is so much cold can harm the leather. I was covering it more than myself. lol
  5. Dont worrie about the vachetta.