concerns about neutral and negative feedback

  1. hi everyone! first time posting here. I recently bought a Coach bag on eBay. It is white leather and being sold as 'excellent used condition' and the buyer stated 'it looks great'. she also disclosed the condition being: 'some rub marks on the back'.

    so the pics were ok and they did show 2 medium sized dark marks. I took "rub marks" as denim rub off or scratches. I guess I should of asked for more pics...but, I got the bag and the marks are ink or dye of some kind and there were smaller marks all over the bag. I cleaned it and got the smaller ones off but not the big ones.

    I did get a heck of a deal on this bag but my concern is feedback. I already emailed her w/ my disappointment of her description of the flaws and she replied that she bought the bag on eBay last year as 'new' and it came in this condition. ?? She never used it.

    I know if I leave negative she will do the same even though I paid w/in 24 hours and was really nice and polite when I could have been a B****! KWIM?
    I was planning on neutral but I know she will leave the same for me.
    What would you do? I cannot justify positive---even though I should get positive!
  2. If you are not happy with the bag ask for a refund. If you decided to stay with it, just don't leave her any feedback. I have seen many buyers leaving a neutral and the seller replying with a negative. Good Luck!
  3. I always leave the feedback that I feel is deserved. I look at it this way...if I am considering bidding on an eBay auction, I would hope that the previous buyers before me were being honest with the feedback they left the person.
  4. Well if you are just a buyer on ebay, there is no need to really worry about your feedback, and you can reply to the feedback and say it is retaliatory.

    If you are unhappy file a SNAD dispute and return it to her. OR keep it, and neg her stating that she did not fully describe the extent of the flaws on the bag.

    A neutral is for things like slow shipping. A neg is for SNADs/disappearance/fakes!
  5. Thanks to everyone! Maybe I just won't leave any feedback.
  6. Unfortunately, too many people go this route and then there is no warning for those potential buyers after you to know that there have been problems with this seller.
  7. Well I do understand that^^, but at the same time I am facing definite retaliatory negative fb if I give her negative. I only have 18 fb and plan on selling in the near future.
    I suppose I could go the neutral route and give a warning in the explanation. I'm still undecided.:sad:
  8. Or you could give a positive and give the warning. Either way you face retaliatory feedback. But I don't hold that type of feedback against a buyer or seller and you can usually tell what happened.