Concerns about my new jumbo

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm hoping someone can help since I've now made myself a wreck after reading a previous thread on returning used bags. I recently purchased a black classic jumbo through a reputable department store, mail order. The bag is beautiful no complaints; however, the tag was in the back pocket not attached and the magnetic box was wrapped in regular white ribbon instead of the Chanel logo ribbon that I've seen on many reveals here in the past few days/weeks. In addition the booklets were not wrapped in plastic. Should they be? Should I call the store and inquire about whether this bag was a return? Thanks for your help!
  2. If it's in perfect condition and you're happy, then don't worry about it, most likely it wasn't used. Even if you return now, there's no guarantee you will get a jumbo bag soon or in perfect condition. Just enjoy it since it's perfect.
  3. So you bought yourself a flap bag at a department store; congratulations and I hope it's all you wanted and that you will love it! As posted, some department stores do take the tag off the bag (some stores have both a Chanel tag and their store tag to make it more confusing), and usually the authenticity card is either tucked in some pocket of the bag or else the SA will remove it and put it inside one of those white booklets (the one that has the place for them to put your name, the date, and where you bought it). It doesn't mean you got one of the dreaded used bags. It's also common that many department stores will not have enough of the Chanel ribbon on stock. I got a Dior bag from a major department store and it wasn't in a Dior box at all, but in a lovely store box. That didn't make the Dior bag any less lovely in my eyes. The books are normally brought out unwrapped; lazy is the SA who just tosses them in unwrapped. They also normally put the magnetic box together in the back as well. So don't worry about if the bag is used or not, just enjoy your lovely bag. If it makes you feel better, call the store. The SA's will usually be quite up front and honest with you. :smile:
  4. If the bag is in perfect condition do not spent more time worrying but enjoy your gorgeous purchase! What if the bag had a defect, but all else was in perfect condition!

    Congrats on a beautiful bag!
  5. Classic flap bags are hard to come by so i would be very happy to get ahold of one. Right now i am on a wait list for the Classic flap in medium as well as a black reissue 226. When i purchased my flap it did not come with a tag but i read on this forum that this is normal. As for the booklets, the one with the clothe to wipe your bag came packaged for me but the history of the Chanel flap did not. The wrapping of the Chanel seems good but every SA and Chanel store packages differently. For example, i noticed that some stores put Camellia flowers on both the box and the bag, other will only give it for large purchases. I hope you are happy with your purchase overall and do not give up such a beautiful bag.

  6. Thank you! No way was I planning on returning it I'm too in love with it :smile:

  7. Thank you Tutushopper your words are always so genuine, meaningful and helpful! I wasn't sure if you remembered way back when I PM you about which classic to get! Your words of buy what you LOVE really sunk in and I did exactly that! I finally got the jumbo SHW and I absolutely love it! No way will I be returning the bag, I just wanted to ease my mind after reading through the other thread. Thanks for your words of wisdom and congratulations on your fuschia classic flap!! Totally stunning! I keep going back to your thread to stare at it lol.

  8. Thank you for your insight! I love this bag and will cherish her :smile:

  9. Thank you!!! I will definitely be keeping her :smile:
  10. Don't lose a wink of sleep over this, enjoy your perfect new Jumbo!
  11. I am so so happy that you did buy the one that you love! That's what it's all supposed to be about, buying the bag that you just can't see yourself living without. So so happy that you were able to find the right "one" for you! Thank you for your kind words; I do try to just share what I've learned about Chanel with others, as many many do here on tpf. Thanks for the congrats on my fuchsia; I'm in love with that bag & color! :love:

    You will always remember your first Chanel, by the way. :smile::hbeat::heart:
  12. +1

    My WOC also came with tag tucked in and the tag was never on although I know it's brand new.

  13. I agree! Enjoy your classic beauty...also I never heard of the booklet being wrapped in plastic, im pretty positive they DO NOT come wrapped in plastic??? I know my jumbo flap didn't
  14. I just purchased a jumbo last week and the tag was tucked in the back. However, my booklet WAS wrapped in plastic. I have purchased from several different dept stores as well as the boutique itself, and every purchase comes wrapped differently. I do think Chanel purchases should be wrapped more consistently though. It's annoying when you receive a purchase that was literally thrown in the box while others are so beautifully wrapped. But… as others have stated, if it is in perfect condition, enjoy and congrats on your new jumbo :smile:
  15. I recently purchased my first jumbo classic flap. Mine came in a standard box, not the magnetic box and it didn't have a tag.

    The bag was brand new, bought from the Chanel store. Although it wasn't wrapped as nice as most of the reveals I've seen. I'm relatively happy and I have my new, gorgeous purse! ☺️

    I hope you enjoy your new purse! Don't let the wrapping get to you 😊