Concerning our delays over the past season & an update on our spring 10 collections

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  1. Dear Lovely Friends, Fans, Family, and Loyal Customers--

    Ben and I would like to sincerely apologize for the delays in our leather handbag deliveries over the past season...a large part of our planned Fall/Winter09 handbag collection experienced major delays as we have struggled to work through some production and financing issues. I really do understand the frustration and concern that many of you have expressed. We would never want delays to happen, however, being a small independent fashion company, we've had to cut corners and creatively juggle our production over the past 6 months.

    The great news? I am VERY happy to say that the styles many of you have been waiting for are now arriving as our 1st spring delivery! Hurrah! These are some of the most innovative, creative, and classic styles we've ever designed, so I'm very excited that we are at last receiving gems (in delicious new leathers) such as the Biblio, Trophy satchel, Trophy bag, Allen, Bernardin, and TONS of cuffs in lovely new colors. The new styles will be here around February 15th. Now that's love! I can't wait to get my hands on the new Biblio bag, Allen bag, and the new Trophy satchel. We will also be receiving new stock of other best-sellers Lilly and Newman in the same shipment.

    Regarding our Spring10 collections, we are indeed producing our full collection of handbags, apparel, swim, and outerwear. We are working on the website now to introduce these styles for preview by next week, so be on the lookout for the spring 10 collection announcement via email next week. The Spring10 collections will begin arriving in March for delivery.

    Again, thank you for your patience and understanding over the past 6 months. Truly, we do value our relationship with you more than I can express within this letter.

    -Toni & Ben
  2. thanks for posting, Luc...

    I did not get this email, but it truly warms my little tiny heart. :heart: :P
  3. i appreciate this letter, although i wish it'd come a couple of months earlier. i hope they get themselves on their feet.
  4. Oh thank god. That's a good letter. Yay spring items.
  5. I would have been nice to have received the letter earlier, but I am pretty excited that my cuffs and bag were released when they captured those pirates!!! Thanks Jenni for letting us know about the pirates!! :biggrin: :P

    I'm loving those new cuffs!!!! :woohoo::yahoo:
  6. I know, it feels a little to late too make me feel any better about HH, but I am looking forward to their spring preview and CUFFS!
  7. me too! I'm super excited about anything new, tbh. I might have to preorder an olive cuff. Love it love it love it.
  8. Thanks Luciana! It does warm my heart... as the snowflakes continue to fall.

    MissA, can you imagine an olive cuff???? That's the stuff of dreams!
  9. Hm. :thinking:

    Well, they do appear to admit financial troubles. And it does appear that they've perhaps been reading our complaints.


    I don't know. Has anyone's order shipped yet? Or are they sticking to the 15th for everything? We shall see. It's nice, but I'm not convinced yet.
  10. I'm glad they sent the letter. Nice to see them trying.

    The CUFFS!!:love: I love them all. I hope the Grape Shine is all fixed now because I see at least one of those in my future.
  11. Whew. I am keeping fingers and toes crossed.
  12. This letter got my hopes up, not that I ever lost hope entirely. I guess I am a total optimist no matter what the situation is :smile: I cannot wait for them to start shipping.
  13. I feel like this letter was a lot better than the last. It also seems like they are trying. I'm super excited to see new things on the site. Maybe I'll order some, but I think I'm going to wait to receive all my backordered stuff. I have to say that I have been really happy with HH CS as of late. I've been working with Nitza on a problem and she's been a doll.
  14. Nitza is great. She got my account straightened out pronto, and apologized for the mess.
  15. I'm glad they finally came clean and admitted there was a huge problem and that financing was part of it...I only wish this would have come a lot sooner -- they've managed to not only lose all of their retailers but also to alienate a huge amount of their customer base. It's sad -- I hope I feel better about them after I get my TS and new Ramone!!