Concerning Lady Dior bags

  1. Hi ladies,

    I have been thinking of investing in a lambskin lady dior bag. I tried to so a search around the forum but I couldn't find any threads that showed the various sizes of the bags (pics) and possible modeling shots of the bag.
    Is there a "what's in your purse" thread, so that I can see how much the bag holds?

    I'm not sure if the large size is the better size to get, or a medium one? Is there a big difference between the two???

  2. You could check Dior web site for the exact dimensions. I believe the lady dior comes in 4 different size; large, medium, small, and mini. The opening of the zipper does limit what you can squeze into the bag. Mini size is more like a wrislet; it can fit a cell phone, lip stick, card holder, but not much more. Small is the most popular size on tPf, it can fit a small wallet, small cosmetic bag, cell phone, but still not very roomy. It's more like a church bag for me. Medium and large are more like a tote bag, more suitable for work. The bag on my avatar is the medium size. HTH
  3. The four sizes are actually, in ascending order:

    . Small (this is also the evening size)
    . Medium (this is the "regular" size, used in ad campaigns)
    . Large
    . Shopping

    The small is the only size Lady Dior that does not close with a zipper; instead, it has a simple flap cover.
  4. Thank you for replying !! I really appreciate it !
  5. why some are called "vintage"? can someone explain to me?~ thanks!
  6. and how can i tell which is vintage and which is not?...

  7. I dont think there is such a thing as a real vintage lady dior, I guess people use this word for older LDs, from the first year of production. The core design is basically the same, only the leathers/fabrics/linings change.
  8. nataliam - thank you, thank you, and let me say it again, thank youuuu :amuse: hehe!

    The first thread with the sample pics was exactly what I was looking for !!!
  9. I have the small one.. i think in red i love the bag so much :heart:

    I hope the pics help for you[


    With strap



  10. deborah - you are an angel thank you !!!!!
  11. youre :welcome2:
  12. Found this great chart:


    Note however that it doesn't include the mini, and the dimensions of the medium and large are switched.
  13. This is a great photo (outside Hermes?!) for showing the size of the Lady Dior - I would love to have one myself - thank you Deborah!
  14. lovely!!