1. I recently won an auction on eBay for a Foresta Stellina. That was on the morning of Sept. 18. Shortly after winning I got the notice that I had won and should pay... so the next day I made my payment via PayPal and received my reciept stating that I had made payment (both on Paypal as well as via email). On Sept. 20 I emailed the seller first through eBay's "ask the seller a question" area (so it would be recorded on eBay) asking when they were planning on shipping out the bag as well as which shipping method would they be using (USPS, UPS, etc... it was never stated specifically on the listing). I got no response. Then I emailed the seller directly (I had been in communication with the seller before the auction ended regarding the bag) on Sept. 21. Again, no reply.

    So, now I am getting a bit nervous. No responses from the seller and no notice of shipment. I had checked out the history and feedback of the seller before placing a bid... it was all positive, but mostly for lower ticket items and few at that. They didn't seem to know too much about TD and are located in the US. Not sure what to do at this point. I know it is still pretty early... I am planning on waiting a few more days to see if the item just shows up, but this non-communication is getting me concerned. Any suggestions?
  2. Hmmm... perhaps they're just busy right now? :wondering: I'm sure the seller isn't trying to cheat you or anything like that - some people are just bad with getting back to e-mails and messages, even if they're really important~ I would wait until the middle of next week - say Wednesday or Thursday, and if there still isn't any sign of the bag or a response... then you might want to file a dispute with eBay~ I know PayPal will give you your money back...
  3. Yeah, give it a few more days.

    I know how you feel though. I'm one of those people that likes communication from the seller right away, just makes me feel better. But some sellers aren't big on that. You're covered between eBay and Paypal if the seller fails to ship.
  4. Thanks guys... I figured they might be busy or since they are not power sellers they might not be on top of correspondence like other sellers are. I'll give them til the end of next week. Its good to know I am covered by both eBay and Paypal, but would be dissapointed on not getting this great bag.

    ::Hoping for the best & crossing fingers::
  5. I had this happen to me couple times. Had me worried as well..
    Turns out that the seller is just not very social ._.
    I got my stuff couple days after after no response from the seller.
    And one seller was out of town for vacation.. (no idea why anyone would put up a auction that ended when they're on vacation?!?!?1) so it took couple days for them to respond back to me to tell me that they were on vacation and shipped my item.

    It's only been couple days.. I say give it another couple days.. and if nothing happens.. then.. I guess you can try to report a dispute?
  6. I know how you feel... Just within this last week, I've e-mailed a seller the same question about posting close-up photos and asked if there was an authenticity guarantee. Nothing both times and the auction ends today. Needless to say, even though I really, really, really want this item and it's cheap, I won't get it.

    I really hope the seller contacts you soon!!

    I really don't know why sellers don't check their mail at least once a day if they know they're selling something on e-bay. I'm no power seller and have only sold a few things on e-bay, but I still check my mail at least once a day to see if there are any questions!
  7. I know what you mean... I had emailed them a few times regarding the Qee and tags and also requested additional pic of the sides and back of the bag and underside of zipper pull. After a few days they answered briefly about the Qee and tags (they seemed a bit unknowledgeable about TD LSS bags) but nothing regarding posting additional pics.

    That's why I'm a bit concerned about what the outcome will be. If it doesn't come through and I end up getting my $ back from eBay/PP I won't be too sad... I just did a BIN on a just listed Foresta Ciao Ciao (with great full placement) which was posted at under $200 that should settle my Foresta craving :smile:

    Regarding getting money back if it falls through... Does anyone know what is the usual wait time is to be credited bacK?
  8. it will probably take a few weeks before you get your money back. Paypal will contact the seller first to resolve this matter. I am thinking that your emails to her might be sitting in the junk mail, try to email her through ebay. It happened before....

    wait for a couple more days before disputing!! I am sure its just a misunderstanding.
  9. OMG, it takes so long! Paypal give the seller a while to respond and if he/she does, then you can respond and so on and so on. It can go on forever!

    I won a gucci purse about a year ago and paid and emailed the seller a lot! never got one email and I paid right after the auction. To make a long story short, i NEVER heard from the seller and got refunded my money...but like 3 months later.

    Diana-don't mean to scare you, but I would just wait a while. I know of some sellers that NEVER email me back but I have recieved bag. Good Luck and hope everything turns out alright!
  10. I hope everything turns out OK! Not all sellers are good with communication. I have had a few sellers not reply to my emails after I paid yet the bags came in the post.

    Hopefully it will not result in opening a paypal dispute. I had one last for about a month as the seller ignored all paypal emails and paypal ended up having to take it into their own hands and get my money back for me (well nearly £1/$2 less then I paid, but at least I got most of it back!)

    Hope you get your bag soon. Please keep us updated!
  11. I definitely contacted the seller both through eBay and directly through email to be sure they'd get the message one way or another. Like I mentioned before... I will be patient and wait until the end of this coming week before I contact eBay to dispute. Hopefully, the bag will just show up this week.

    Thanks for all your suggestions and info... Somehow I am feeling less and less excited about this bag :sad:
  12. I'm sorry Diana. I'm in a similar situation, except I paid my person last Fri using BIN. The seller contacted me to tell me they'll send me my item on Monday, and would send me an e-mail once it was sent. A week went by and nothing, so I sent an e-mail. Thankfully, my person responded and said it was sent to the wrong address. My guess is that it was never sent. But I'm willing to let bygones be bygones as long as my item comes to me NIB uncrushed, as promised in e-mails and on the listing.

    Wishing you good luck! I'm sorry for your disappointment.
  13. UPDATE:

    I sent another message via eBay to the seller today and I finally heard back from them. Albeit brief, they stated that they were waiting for UPS to pick up the package. So I wrote back and thanked them for letting me know and that I'd be looking out for it in the next week.

    I feel somewhat relieved. I really hope this Stellina is a beauty in person to make the wait worthwhile!
  14. ooh yay!! Good news Diana!! :tup:
  15. Glad to hear that you have received communication from the seller. Can't wait to see the pics when you get the bag!