Concerned with the chain on my PST

  1. Hay people, i just got a pst for xmas and im already having concerns. This is only my second chanel and i feel as if im not familure enough with chanel to know if this is an issue. My friend just pointed out to me that the chain links should be completely closed but i realized that on my pst all four links which are linked to the big d-ring link at the handle has about a 2mm gap in between and all the other chains are closed completely. is this an issue i should be worried about? would you recommend returning this? i have included pictures and i hope i have posted in the right area. if not please redirct :shame: TiA!
    chanel surprise 005.jpg chanel surprise 007.jpg chanel surprise 008.jpg
  2. Huh....I'll have to check mine when I get home to see if my chain is the same...I don't remember seeing anything like that when I got it....I would most likely bring it back to the store & exchange...
  3. Hi there,

    I just checked mine and all the links are completely closed. If it bothers you that much, I think you should return it. The earlier the better. Goodluck!
  4. well, do you girl think ts a big issue if its not closed all the way? i asked m friend and hes like well, its not like youre going to be carrying bowling ball in your bag. so makes me wonder will it snap?
  5. Exchange the bag while you can, because... with wear n' tear in a couple of years.. those links may open more. IMO, it would bother me all the way back to the boutique. ;)
  6. My PST does the exact same thing and I was concerned about it too :sad:!

    I'm worried that I might not be able to exchange because I got it pre-price increase (but I've only used it about 7 times)
  7. my flap has one link that does the same thing. I haven't used it yet but bought it pre-increase and think they will charge me additional money. I don't think it will snap, however, since it is 4 and you just bought it, just exchange.
  8. Mine aren't like that...I say exchange..demand nothing less than perfection when it comes to that much $. That's my philosophy.
  9. I *just* noticed the same thing on the chain of my jumbo flap last night... I've found 3 places on the chain where there's a gap like what skyblue posted. One of the places is right where the leather straps interwoven thru the chains goes in opposite directions (if that makes sense). I bought the bag about 10 days ago so it has nothing to do with wear & tear. I guess I need to call Saks about exchanging?? :confused1:
  10. thanks girls. looking at the situation. i understand that the chains openeing may in fact open more later on. thats why im more worried. im wondering if just carrying my usual light things on a daily basis will increase the chance of opening? i thought it was me but it seems like quite a few people are having the same issue as me...i mean is there a problem with chanels quality control? seems wierd that its not just me that its happening to... so how severe is this really? and i think i know what you mean about the opening is in different directions. no my pst the chains attched to the bottom all 3 ilnks are closed up. but one is closed down where the d ring is. and the top four with the gaps are semi closed up. does that make sense?
  11. Mine are like that too!

    ** Darnnit! Now i will have to go back and exchange it. There were some stitching loose on it too that bothered me a bit and now this? argh! and i live far from chanel too! this stinks!
  12. loose stitching on mine too!!

    whats up with the BLACK PSTs?! UGH
  13. It happened to mine as well, but I used a complier to close the gaps. I was quite upset when I first spotted the gaps, but I live so far from the boutique. So I solved this problem on my own. I think Chanel should work harder if they want to charge us $$$$.
  14. whats a complier? i was just thinking about keeping the bag. im not sure because im not as familure with chanel. i really want to use her.. i havent yet. and taking it back to the store will mean more work. but what if its a bag that sumone else returned? im confused as to what to do. ive looked and theres one string comming out. so id say thats fine. a lot of the time i figure the string comming out is because its the last stitch so its logically that it would come out sumtimes. but the chains...thats another story. i dont want to be embarassed when im out and have the chain come out. people might think my bag is a fake or what not...quality is suppose to be excellent isnt it...?
  15. skyblue, I might just return it if I was you, esp since it's the part of the chain connected to the D-ring.. BTW I actually found MORE gaps (5) on my jumbo flap so I went straight back to Saks for an exchange today. If it were 1 or 2 gaps, I might let it go.. but our bags are brand new & should be top quality!

    However, when I exchanged.. the SA didn't seem too concerned at all with the gaps even though I pointed all of them out to her. I asked her if she'd send my returned bag to Chanel for repair and she said no - she was planning to put it right back on the shelf for sale. Maybe it's not a huge deal to some people, but I guess I see this as an investment in a timeless bag that will last me a long time!