Concerned - no Auth. Cards?

  1. Hi folks,

    I have bought 3 Spies - 2 from JOMA and 1 from Diabro - only one of the 3 - one from JOMA, has a black authenticity card. I know they are all authentic, but has anyone else ever had this happen?
  2. C -- you can get the bags authenticated on the Authenticate this Fendi thread....On the Diabros Spy, we would really like to see this one....!! Provide photos of the bag as well as the hologram close up & leather serial no. strip in lining of bag. :yes:

    On the Auth Cards, some retailers are no longer providing them...gets me nervous!
  3. I bought two bags, a Spy from Saks and a Baby Spy from a Fendi Store and neither came with cards. I called the Fendi Store and she told me that they are no longer giving the cards out because they have the hologram number on the tag inside of the purse. Dont know how true that is but I know both of mine are authentic and neither have cards. So you should be alright.
  4. Yes, the more I thought about it, the more I realize, "the card does not make the bag". Anybody can get a hold of a card.

    Pics - I am awful about photos, don't know when I'll get to it, but I'll put it in this thread when I do.
  5. Hi! Can you please authenticate this fendi spy? Thanks!!! ;)
  6. Oh, thank heavens I'm not the only one. I bought a bucket from the Fendi store and was embarassed to call and ask why she kept the card.