Concern re: Saffiano handles

  1. Hello tpf fan!

    I just purchase this beloved Prada Saffiano Tote like nearly 2 weeks now and I realise one of my handle leather is uneven, just a slight. I am a very pedantic person to a point I think I might have OCD but knowing nothings perfect. Truly adore and loving this bag but I was wondering should I be bothered or worth to go and complain to my SA? Everything is in good condition, just the handle. If it's isn't biggy then I will keep it. To those who owns saffiano can you pls state how your handle is like plz. Thanks for the input! Ps here's the pic of comparison. In real life you can't see it but for the carrier you can slight felt it.

    Thanks! Cheers
    image-1078172474.jpg image-3291983889.jpg
  2. In great dilemma...
  3. hey dear, i think we have the same problem... i bought it last 2 day. today is my first day to wear it. i found the bottom of the handle color changing...its uneven color.. so whats your decision about it? i think i will stop by prada store to see how its going to work.. good luck for both of us!!!]\
  4. for such an expensive item, i think you have the right to hope for perfection,if you are not 100% happy with it, you should go exchange it cause you are the one carrying it and it will bother you,i had same experience with a bag just recently,had to take it back,sad but couldnt keep something that will bother me