Concern about the Montaigne

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  1. I had my heart set on getting the Montaigne GM after trying it on in the store. However, I noticed that all along the top rim of the bag and along the sides (basically along all the edges) the canvas is cut and there is a very thin layer of glazing used to seal it off. I was under the impression that the canvas was folded over and not just cut off like that before I handled it in person. I hope I'm making sense. It would probably be easier to understand if you either own the bag or have thoroughly looked at in in person. I decided not to get it because I asked my SA if it could be reglazed in the future and he said no, that only the vachetta trim could be replaced. What concerns me is that I also noticed a little fraying, like little fabric hairs starting to stick up. I checked another one and it was the exact same. So for anyone who has had experience with this bag, what is your opinion on this? How is yours holding up? Do you notice any wear and tear along the edges where the canvas is cut? I would appreciate any input. I simply can't seem to get this bag out of my head and I'm wondering if I should just take the plunge and get it. Aside from this issue, it is truly a stunning bag. I am just worried about what I described, that it will fray further or be more prone to cracking. Not a problem I want to have with a $2,500 bag!

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. Well this just sounds awful. I guess you could consider getting it in Empreinte. But I'm going to run (not walk) home and check my Emp over. I better not see anything like that! I love my Montaigne Emp.
  3. Sorry, didn't mean to scare you! I have a feeling the Emp ones are better made and don't have this issue. I think I may consider getting that instead. $2500 is pricey for a non leather bag IMO. Did you do a reveal?! I will check it out if you did!!! Let me know if yours has this issue or not, I would definitely be interested in knowing this. Crossing my fingers that it doesn't!
  4. My GM did fray terribly after 2.5 months of carrying. I exchanged it, however I'm afraid to use the new one now. I'm asking if I can just exchange for a totally different bag.
  5. Hi, are we talking about the Montagne Mono or Empreinte?
  6. I have a GM in Mono and there is a bit of fraying on mine but it doesn't impact the integrity of the seam. I agree that for the price you would think LV would have come up with a better way of doing this but honestly unless you are looking for it and are looking at the bag from the side it's not noticeable.
  7. Really? Can somebody show pictures of the problems?
  8. I don't have this bag but noticed the same edges on the Turenne that I just bought. In don't see any threads or fraying but is this what you are referring to?
  9. Thanks for this - it's what I needed to hear. My husband was going to get me this bag for Christmas, in the GM size, but I will choose something else now. You had the mono version, right? I'm so sorry this dreaded issue happened to your beautiful bag.

    I think I may consider getting it in Empreinte. I think that would be a safer option (for me).
  10. Actually, I have been carrying the replacement Montainge GM and it's perfect. No fraying!!
  11. Oh... That's great! Does the glazing seem thicker on the replacement bag?
  12. UPDATE: I sold my Montaigne because I was too scared to keep carrying her. The buyer contacted me to say she received it and it was perfect! BUT then 7 days later she tells me it was fraying. I read that LV has now corrected that issue as of DEC 2014. I hope so because I would love to get the MM