Concern about Kelly handle

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  1. Hi everyone! So I recently purchased a preloved 3 year old Kelly (receipt showed it was bought in 2013). It's in Togo leather and it is not the stiff kind of Togo but more of the soft, slouchy kind. I'm a little concerned about the handle. While the shape looks fine at the moment, I find that it's quite soft, as in it will bend in the direction that you pull it. Will I risk bending it out of shape if I continue to pull it by the handle? Does anyone else have similar stories Kelly experience?
  2. None of the handles of any of my Kelly handbags that are made of either Togo or Clemence bend in the direction that I try to pull them. Maybe I did not understand your question correctly, but in my experience a Kelly handle does not lose shape over time unless perhaps the owner makes a habit of carrying rocks in her bag on a daily basis. So as long as you are not planning on doing this, and I am sure you are not, your handle shape should stay the same.
  3. None of my kellys handles too
    Not those problems you mentioned
    They are in great shape all these years regardless of leathers
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  4. hmm.. i don't have this issue but then again mine is only a few months old even if its clemence, a softer leather.. however maybe u should ask at H store if this is a known issue with "old" version togo.. but only if it bugs u too much.. otherwise just fix things WHEN actually broken (bent).. enjoy ur K
  5. Thank you for all your replies. I think my concern is better depicted in pictures, as shown below.

    This is the bag just standing.

    This is the handle concern that I have.
  6. Never had that problem with mine...handle is very solid...i suggest take it to local H store.
  7. Hi there, you mentioned that it was bought pre-loved. Has it been authenticated?
  8. Hi tillie46, no I didn't. I bought it from a Friend, so I didn't think to have it authenticated.

    I was browsing through Instagram and came across a lady carrying a Kelly which also has bendy top handle. I don't believe she would purchase a fake Kelly as she is quite a high profile lady, even meeting Michael Coste carrying this particular bag. So I'm hoping that this is just the nature of some well seasoned Togo leathers?
    This is her bag with bendy top handle.

    Note that in my photos, I'm actually carrying the handle while lifting it off the ground. I don't know. I hope I'm not in denial.

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    Bababebi is one of the members of the PF that authenticate, and she has a wonderful reputation authenticating bags. I have used her service many times, and have been very satisfied. Maybe you could contact her, or one of the other paid authenticators, and she can help put your mind at rest. Forget taking it to Hermes, they won't authenticate it. Good luck, nothing is worse than spending big bucks, then having second thoughts as to authenticity! :confused1:
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  10. @MrsWasik, lots of good advice on here

    From looking at the pics I share your concern about that handle, it doesn't look right to me either.
  11. ^^^I sent you a private message....
  12. MrsWasik, I would contact Bababebi. She is awesome! I am sure you trust your friend but the pictures really concern me. Good luck!
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  13. Thank you for your advice everyone! I will contact Bababebi.

    Dear @tillie46 , I tried replying your PM but it keeps giving me errors. I don't know why? But thank you so much for taking the time to drop me a PM. I will get it authenticated for peace of mind.