Concensus on the Envelope Clutch Please

  1. So last night I used my Black SGH Envelope Clutch for the first time.

    Let me start by saying this clutch is truly STUNNING. When I first got it, I really struggled because as beautiful as it was, it didnt seem practicle for me. I decided I had to use it at least once before making my final decision as to whether to keep it or not.

    For New Years we had a dinner party but followed it up by going to a club.....on the one hand, the clutch looked GREAT with my outfit. On the other hand, it was a real pain in the but to "clutch" on to all night! I found I was often holding it under my arm, between my legs, whatever just not to lose it and couldnt really dance at all with it cause one arm always has to stay stiff to hold on to it!

    So my final concensus is that this clutch is great for formal dinners out where you are pretty much at the table the whole time but not good at all for a night on the town where you want to dance and be free. Im not ready to give up the Envelope but it looks like I will have to get the Flat GH Handle Clutch as well for those nights out on the town.

    Any other thoughts from those who have had a chance to use the Envelope, the Flat Handle Clutch or both?
  2. I totally agree with you! The clutch is great for a dinner, but if you are going to be standing/dancing it may be a bit cumbersome. I didn't want to set it on the bar either b/c of drink spillage ;)
  3. I think the SGH envelope clutch is a beautiful evening bag - both in black and violet! The having to clutch it all night holds me back though. Wouldn't it be great if it had a hidden thin strap that could be pulled out when needed?
  4. This is a really good thread to have.

    I have to admit, I like the idea of wearing the clutch during the day (as well as for night times).
  5. That's why I won't buy one, I know it would drive me nuts! I got a prada bow clutch instead where you can stick your hand through and it's perfect, if you squeeze a bit you even have both hands free. Dancing is no problem either!
    The Bals do look stylish but they're not for me.
  6. My thoughts exactly. And it breaks my heart because I think these clutches are stunning and glamorous and I lust after them and gawk wistfully at all the lovely modeling pics here. And yet I can't carry a clutch. I have a psychological problem.:s I neeeeeeeeeeed to have my hands free, as though I must remain ready at all times to deliver a karate-chop, smack someone upside the head:boxing:. I'm also more likely to lose a clutch, mindlessly set it down, forget it and walk away. I'm not eligible for the clutch :push:.
  7. i love the envelope so much too but that was one of my concerns. i would love to see irl the handle one since i haven't yet.
  8. I have the Flat Handle, and I love it. I use it a lot. I don't really use the strap, but if you do make sure that it not too full or that can be wearing are your wrist.
  9. I have both types, an envelope clutch in Juane and a LG flat clutch with the wrist attachment in Violet.

    Yes, the giant clutch is easier to hold onto, with the envelope clutch, you always have to either hold or keep under your arm - not very easy to dance with.... but I love the envelope because you can carry so much in it!

    I hope that helps!
  10. I had an envelope clutch and as gorgy as it was, I just knew it was going to be one of those bags that was beautiful to look at but extremely impractical. So I sold it and bought a giant flat wristlet clutch as a replacement

    The wrist strap makes it one of the most useful bags I own :love:
  11. I have not owned an Envelope Clutch before (or yet :p) but I have also thought about the fact that it doesn't have a handle strap and would be hard to carry when you need both hands. My plan was to use the handle clutch for daily things like a quick run to the shops, and then the envelope clutch for dressier events where I can pretty much set it on the table or chair. I do have a non-brand clutch though, that comes with 2 different straps which I thought ingenious. They are just 2 flat pieces of leather with click buttons on them. And there are sorta like belt hoops on the underside of the flap (ie in the interior), and you thread the leather straps through, and voila you convert it to a handle clutch or a handbag. I presume you could do the same for an envelope clutch.. but not sure if it would look nice!
  12. i love the envelope clutch but would probably only use it for night dinners. i love how much it carries but i have not gotten one yet. on the other hand, i have the giant flat clutch and i have used this many times whether it is for day or night.

    it is a stunning bag. you should keep it!