CONCEALER/Foundation application question

  1. which must come first?the foundation or the concealer?Thanks
  2. foundation first then blend the concealer on top. blend it really well though. if its a big spot put some concealer under the foundation too
  3. Definitely foundation first or you will wipe off your concealer.
  4. Concealer, it should be a shade lighter than your foundation. Let it set then foundation over.
  5. i don't think it really i've seen make up artists work in both orders.

    personally, i apply concealer first. but then..i hardly ever wear foundation.
  6. I had a makeover at Bobbi Brown a couple of weeks ago. They did corrector, concealer, foundation in that order.
  7. I always use concealer first and it has never wiped off when I add my foundation. Just blend it really well.
  8. interesting! I've always use concealer first. I guess beceause its a slightly lighter shade then my foundation.
  9. When I have had my makeup done professionally they always put concealer first then foundation. If necessary they touch up if more concealer is needed.
    I have continued to follow the same way.
  10. I have bobbie Brown's book and she says concealer first and then foundation. She has a powder that goes over the concealer.
  11. I thought about getting her book... is it good?
  12. ok thanks for your responses i guess i just have to be careful on putting on the foundation so it wouldn't wipe the concealer off. Thanks
  13. I believe it's either. Everyone will give you a different opinion. IMO, I could never get concealer to stay when putting foundation over it.
  14. I love it. Definitely worth the money.
  15. I don't put my foundation over the concealer. I kind of blend into it. But I don't put it over the concealer. I put it on all wrong until I read BB's book. She said that is the one item she will not leave the house without.
    I bought her corrector and then the concealer. Use a foundation brush and bring it all the way up to the bottom of your eye and in your eye socket. It looks so much better.