Concealed Platforms - hot or not?

  1. Just got my first pair of concealed platform heels. Must say I just LOVE them. I get the extra heel height (which I need - being a shorty and all) without the clunky look of a platform... What do you think?

    kaiya side 6220-508339-3.jpg kaiya back pair 6220-508339-4.JPG
  2. I love them, makes the shoes look so much sleeker. I really loved the concealed heel flats that CL did this season too
  3. I love them as long as the platforms aren't too high. I find that they provide extra padding for the feet.
  4. I am a huge fan of the concealed platform. It looks great and keeps the sleek appeal of the pump. Plus it makes wearing those 5" heels all day a lot more bearable.
  5. Love them. I got a pair of MJ boots this year with the concealed platform and they are extremely comfortable.
  6. very HOT!
  7. Love them!
    The covered platform makes it a lot more comfy.
  8. Thumbs up from me too! :tup: Love the extra padding. :yes:
  9. As long as it doesen't make your feet look bigger, It's great. Platforms are always better. :tup:
  10. I love them too, where did you get them??
  11. I like them, very hot!
  12. I got them from - They are Kaiya's from RSVP
  13. I love them!:smile:
  14. I love concealed platforms. They're sexy but understated.
  15. I love how you don't feel every imperfection in the floor/sidewalk when you walk in them!