Conan visits Intel...great clip!

  1. lol. I love Conan, hes hilarious.
  2. Haha, too funny!
  3. I love Conan! His show got me through many a late night studying in college. :smile:
  4. That was hilarious! The Chess club were so cute!
  5. LOL, that judo chop was good. :ninja:
  6. :heart:Conan:heart::lol:

    Thanks for posting this!
  7. Great clip!! I love Conan!!! I remember when he first replaced David Letterman - people didn't think he would make it and now it's been more than a decade with Conan and his great sense of humor!
  8. I am a Conan fanatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is hilarious - thanks for the clip!
  9. Conan was the keynote speaker at my high school. :yahoo: I didn't get to see it in person since it wasn't MY graduation, per se. But I caught it on youtube. I laughed for a while then hated myself for a while for not being born on a different year
  10. I love him! He always leaves me in stitches :p
  11. Hilarious! I'll be thinking of Conan when I return to my 'confined space' tomorrow morning... sigh!