1. Where is your's, what does your work station look like ?

    Does every one in the house have their own, and are they networked together ?
  2. To answer my own question,
    I'd like to post a pic of my work station but for some reason my cam isnt workingright and I cant get the pic's off it. I have to purchase a card reader so that i can just take it out of the cam and remove the pic's that way... ARGH!

    anyway, I have my own computer and the kids have one between them.
    This year for Xmas i'm gathering up parts from my recent upgrade and some new stuff and the kids will each have their own.

    Currently both pc's are in my bedroom so they are networked together and the kids have the internet.
    Once they have their own they will have it in their room so i'll have my room to myself :smile: but they WONT have the internet.
  3. I have my own laptop in my room which is a Dell. My Mum and Dad bought it for me when I was at school, to do my coursework on. It has internet access via a cable, but we also have wireless which I'm using today.

    My Dad has two main pc's in his office downstairs which he shares with my Mum and brother. He also has a laptop for work and another pc which he's 'doing up' to give to my Gran.
  4. ^^ Does your Gran live with you ? Is she savy with the computer or is this going to be her first?
  5. Nope she's doesn't live with me. She's really great with technology and likes to be up to date with the latest things. She can text and email etc. She has an old pc but my Dad's got her a faster one so he's going to put on XP and set up the internet for her.
  6. thats cool :smile:
  7. We are computer obsessed here!! LOL!!:shame:

    I have a desk in my family room where I have my iMac 20" (Just got it a few mons. ago!) LOVE IT!, Also have a Sony Laptop in my desk. My son (who's gonna be 12 in a mon.) Has a 19" Sony laptop (which was dh, he just gave it to him) his room on his desk and another flat display monitor next to it that he can use as a tv and also move windows that are on the laptop across to the monitor flat display (back n' fourth). Pretty cool! Our son's old laptop that we had bought for him, we think we're gonna sell...not sure.

    Our daughter (7, soon to be 8) has her own laptop on her desk in her room. I may give her my sony laptop..We'll see what happens.

    Now as for my dh he has the ultimate set up! LOL!! He has 3 computer screens on his desk, 2 towers. He just recently got the latest Apple Mac Pro. It's next to his Sony PC tower. He has the Apple 23" cinema display widescreen in the middle with 2 monitors on either side. He can move different windows across all 3 screens...(that's why he set our son up the same way...) He has surround sound speakers set up around his office so when he plays music and movie trailers, etc. Our daughter sometimes goes in there to watch her lil movies. It's like a darn movie theater in there! LOL!!

    As for being networked, Yep...we have all the computers networked and the laptops are wireless.

    I guess we just love electronics over here!! Of all kinds!! Especially computers, and TVs!! LOVE TVs!! :love:
  8. at home i have a macbook pro and my flatmate has a g4 powerbook. i'm really really tempted to get a mac pro desktop for some reason, although i'm fairly sure i'd never be able to break my habit of using my computer on the couch, in bed, wherever.. and it's all wireless!
  9. i'm usindg an apple ibook laptop, so my work station is anywhere in the house :P
  10. We've all got our own.....
    I have a desktop and a notebook, hubby has a desktop and a notebook, my 14 year old has a desktop and a notebook, and my 5 year old has a notebook. The desktops are getting on a bit, so we will probably get rid of them at some point....
  11. mine is a oldie, but i love it.

    2003 imac g4 (the one with the dome, and a flat screen LCD that moves around)


    runs beautifully. i think i'll cry the day it breaks because truly not a lot of computers look like this one. and i love apple's design and simple to use interface.

    so much that i got a 15" g4 titanium powerbook.

    which unfortunately is breaking down on me :crybaby:
  12. I have an apple ibook, and I use it mostly on my desk at home. I have a wireless internet connection.
  13. Computer obsessed is right :yes: But we still ove you :P Your DH setup sounds AWESOMe, my b/f would be JEALOUS. He keeps telling me he needs 3 monitors and I just roll my eyes :biggrin:

    That cool that your son is able to use his monitor as a tv, I take it his laptop has a tv tuner card in it ? My B/f tends to do that when he's here. He'll hook the second monitor up to his pc and watch tv if he doesnt like what i'm watching ;)

  14. Wow that is a serious amount of pc's in your house :biggrin:
  15. Seems there are a lot of you that use mac pc's or notebooks. How much different are they then a windows pc ?