1. Hi all,
    First, thank you all for your help on this forum. I've learned a lot just reading about different leathers, colors, sizes, etc. Second, I'm a little hesitant about posting this question as it might be considered "blasphemous" but. . .

    do any of you carry your laptop in the larger birkins/kellys? if so, which leathers are better for that?

    Many thanks
  2. Hi,

    I do carry my laptop in my 40cm Birkin Togo. However, I do place my laptop inside its casing first before putting it into the Birkin. The reason being that I threw all the rest of the items into the Birkin for work, so anything can happen to my laptop. I do not want anything to happen to the harddisk.

    If anything at all, I think the 40cm or the 35cm should be fine for this laptop addition.

  3. I've never carried any laptop in my Birkin because it's way too heavy. The interior of Birkin is mostly lined with goatskin leather so I don't think you have a choice on that (unless you do a special order). Outer leather is another story because you have many choices and this depends on individual.

    You need to choose leathers that wears well for such weight, i.e. Togo, Box or Barenia. There are other leathers that you can consider as well.

  4. The one time I carried my Apple iBook in my 35 VL Birkin, my arm nearly fell off.
  5. I do not have a Birkin or Kelly (YET! SOMEDAY!!!) but I would so nervous that the stitching would be become loose eventually with that kind of weight. I mean, they are built really tough.... but I would still be nervous.

    I have a latitude though that is under 3 pounds, and that includes with the battery. So maybe something like that would be okay. But even three pounds added with everything else I need to carry is like *UGH*. Lol @ evekitti.... yeah my arm would be off too!
  6. Hi Nietzsche,
    I don't have one yet either. I'm planning to buy one but am just debating on the size of the bag b/c of my computer. I'm just wondering if my laptop (an apple) would be too heavy in the bag and whether I'd need a particularly strong leather.

  7. I think it would just be way too heavy for me personally--a Birkin's a heavy bag all on its own even when it's empty.
    I definitely think that you would need a super strong leather for that if you really wanted to do it. I'd suggest Fjord (heavy but really hardy), Togo, Chevre (but it's really not readily available esp. in big bags), or Buffalo. I would avoid Clemence in this case because of its tendency to slouch--I would think you'd want the bag to be a little more rigid so that the laptop would be better protected.

    Honestly though--I would probably just carry my laptop separately from my bag. Better for the laptop, better for the bag.

    edited to add that a Kelly is definitely not the right choice for this in my opinion! With only the single handle, the bag has a strong tendency to flop over when open, and you have to close up the straps to keep it closed. It's definitely absolutely not a tote bag. Also, the shoulder strap on a Kelly is quite narrow and not intended for use with such a heavy load. I think it would be really uncomfortable to try such a skinny strap with a laptop inside the bag.

    I would actually suggest the Victoria Cabas which to me is the PERFECT laptop bag, at least as far as Hermes' product line goes.
  8. I have carried my macbook in the Birkin. It is npt something i do everyday, but it does give a overall "put-together" presentation", as opposed to having many many bags all over me.

    As someone else mentioned it fits into the 40cm which is what I have. i also like the fact that I can keep track of the laptop - I know it's in the bag and I won't forget or lose it because it's right with all my stuff. And I do put it in a sleeve for laptops.

    Enjoy. . .
  9. I have carried my old 8 lb laptop in my clemence birkin 35. I'm strong so the weight didnt bother me that much but the bottom of my birkin is slightly curved from the weight of the laptop
  10. I sometimes carry my laptop in my 35cm clemence Birkin but only if I know it's a short trip (like 10 minutes tops!).
  11. thanks - i think this makes my decision easier. since weight is not an issue for me (i'm okay with carrying heavy bags), i'd mostly be concerned with the durability (wear and tear) of the bag. based on your feedback, i am now on a quest for a 35 (or 40) birkin in togo of fjord leather - in etoupe, black, graphite, or parchemin.