Computer Trouble

  1. Lately, my laptop has been spontaneously powering off. All seems well, and then it just turns off. Its starting to drive me crazy :Push: Once I try to turn it on again, its as if nothing ever happened, until it decides to turn itself off again :rant: .
    I have no idea what might be wrong with it...but its really starting to disrupt my tpf browsing:hysteric: .
    Does anyone know what might be wrong with it??
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I had the same problem. I was super pissed off when it was happening because my laptop was only 6 months old... anywho:

    It turns out that I needed a new power cord... The end that plugs into the laptop blew a fuse... so my dad opened it up and the wires were all bent and that caused it to blow out... so when I tried to move the end that plugs into the laptop up or down, it would turn off.

    So I chatted with a HP Representative online and they sent me a brand new power cable/charger for free since my latop was still under warranty... I hope this helps? :smile:
  3. OMG you know about LV AND computers!!??:wtf:
  4. it could be alot of things. my desktop was doing that too. sometimes programs you download from the internet will cause that. I had "Weatherbug" and after I uninstalled it, my problem dissappeared.
  5. i had this problem on my computer...i took out one of my RAM pieces and it stopped, there might be something wrong with your hardware maybe?
  6. What a combination, right? :graucho:
  7. You need to fly out for the next So Ca PF meeting...
  8. :biggrin: That would be great...
  9. possible virus, I hope you have a virus scanner :smile:
  10. also run scan disk and after that defragment it over night. that might help clear up some problems as well.
  11. Thanks for all the help...I have a pretty good virus scanner which is run daily, so I dont think that is it. I think I will call Toshiba and see what they think the problem is.
    Thanks again :smile:
  12. overheating!

    1) Install any software for temperature diagnosis.

    2) if overheated – open your lap top and lear the dust, should help if there are too much dust, for example a fan filled with dust will result as 15 centigrade plus to your cpu temperature.

    3) If not overheated, call Toshiba. :smile:
  13. Ditto. BF's laptop model has overheating issues. If you search on the net you might be able to determine if your laptop model are known for having overheating issues or not. Then move on to something else if it's not overheating.
  14. Also be sure you have all the security updates and patches installed. Your Toshiba rep should be able to point you in the right direction. If you are not happy with the outcome, ask to speak with a manager.