Computer Tec Help-any ideas?

  1. Hi, I need help and wondered if anyone had any ideas of what to do.

    I am trying to book my holiday up for next year to Vegas, staying at the Bellagio. I go on their site and click on reservations, an AOL box comes up at the bottom of the page, this is meant to have dates and things in it, on my box its just showing Blank, it also says Blank at the top of the white box. I have stop blocking pop-ups to this site, but it does not change it. My friends tell me they can call up the reservation box and the Bellagio say their is nothing wrong with their site so it must be me.
    Any idea of what I can do. This has only happen since the Bellagio new website is up and running. I can click on everything else in the bellagio and it comes up its just the reservation bit in the white box.
  2. Cant u just call and ask?They do take reservations over the phone.Im clueless with computers..LOL...sorry I cant be of more help!
  3. Do you have pop-ups blocked?

    Sometimes AOL does funky things to web sites for me too.

    Try opening up Internet Explorer and go to the web site through that browser. It may help.
  4. Yes I could call, but I am in the UK and I also have a cockney accent which people in the US have a hard time understanding over the phone, I have to spell out my address and it takes

    Yes I do have pop-ups blocked, its funny because it work fine a month or so ago its only since the new website has been up and running
  5. It could be a combination of things; especially if you've downloaded the new client. That seems to be messing with the computer of everyone I know. I would try it outside of AOL (if you're on dial up, just dial up, minimize, and launch your browser) and see if that works. If it doesn't work on IE, you might want to download FireFox (most people I know prefer FF to IE anyway). Good luck!
  6. Well, your first mistake is using AOL ;)

    The best browser, hands down, is Firefox. DL that for future browsing. You won't be disappointed. As for this specific instance, it looks like you have pop ups blocked. I know in Firefox you can disable pop ups for specific sites. Not sure if you can with AOL. If not, just enable pop ups, book your room, then disable them when you're done.