Computer question.....

  1. I have an ibook G4, and I have been beating my brains out trying to figure out how to set the format of typing to French also(to be able to put the accents in.) How do I do this? TIA!:smile:
  2. you're using osx i assume?

    if you just want to type accents (since the french keyboard is a bit different and confuses me to no end):

    -type alt+e and then the letter you want it for the accent aigu (alt+e+e=é)
    -for the accent grave type alt+` (to the left of z on a uk keyboard at least)and the letter under that (so alt+`+e=è).
    -for ç you just type alt+c
    -for the circonflexe type alt+i and then the letter you want under it (alt+i+a=â).
    -for umlauts it's alt+u and the letter (alt+u+i=ï)

    you hold alt down at the same time as whatever else you type but if there are three steps let go of alt and the second key before you type the third.

    if you want to change the whole keyboard go to system preferences -> international ->input menu and tick the french keyboard. tick the "show input menu in menu bar" which is at the bottom of the window. then you'll get a menu with a flag next to where the date is in the top right corner and you'll be able to switch between whatever you usually use and the french. but i'm so much quicker at typing the accents individually vs remembering that i'm on a different keyboard so i just stick with the british keyboard pretty much no matter what.
  3. Thank you soooo much annanas! You helped so much!!