Computer Question About tPF Notification

  1. I should explain that I do not have a good handle on computers. Having said that, up until about three hours ago, I enjoyed receiving e-mail notices from tPF when members replied to threads I was subscribed to. For some reason, I'm no longer getting notified. Did I accidentally push a wrong button? How can I get this very unfortunate problem fixed?

    Thanks so much!
  2. same thing happened to me earlier. it's been fixed for me for hours now...has yours?
  3. Thank you Lvbabydoll and kallison! Sometime, somehow the problem resolved itself. Unfortunately my DH was busy and couldn't help me, and I'm not savvy at all with technology.

    Anyway, I appreciate your responses and advice!
  4. Glad it is fixed... sometimes little quirks in the system or just your computer.