Computer help needed - Please

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  1. Hi,
    I am not the brightest of sparks when it comes to computers, wonder if anyone could tell me how I do this:-

    I have a Toshiba laptop and I am with AOL, a few weeks ago AOL change, after you have log on the AOL home page should come up, but for me to get the AOL home page again, like I use to have, I need to "drag" this AOL icon and drop it into a box AOL has provided. How do you get the mouse to latch onto the icon to drop it in the box??

    I have tried clicking on it, tried dragging the mouse across it to get the icon to move, their a button I should push or hold down to move this icon across the page.
    Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  2. I'm not sure if you've tried this already, but click on the icon and hold down the button while you move the mouse. that should drag it. if you're using the touchpad on your laptop, hold the button down with one finger while using another finger on the touchpad to move it.

    if this is what you've already tried, i really don't know what to tell you.
  3. Thanks Amanda, I have just tried pressing the touchpad with one finger and moving the icon on the touchpad with another finger....nothing.
    Its driving me mad, trying to figure out how to do this....thanks anyway
  4. You can still make your default homepage without clicking and dragging. You may still get the banner from time to time (I know I do), but you should still have all the page functionality. What browser are you using? I can try and help :smile: