Computer help needed! Helppp...

  1. Everything on my toolbar and task bar have disappeared. This happened yesterday and I somehow got them to appear again, but I can't this time. Also, I don't know what it is that I did then to make them reappear. It took HOURS then, and I need to get my mail, but with IE 7, I can't. I know I have several browsers open, but I can't even see what they are.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Well, I should have titled this: "Nekkid pictures inside!" :p Charles, at least, would have looked. :smile:

    This is driving me NUTS, cause I can't even see to turn it off or restart, because that is not there either. And my son installed this and I would have to be a contortionist to get to the place to turn it off manually.

    Thank heavens I am on tPF, so I can at least read here. Helpppppppppp, please?
  3. Well, nevermind. It fixed itself again. ??? I have no idea what I did to make it do that??
  4. ...Do you have the auto-hide taskbar option on??

    That's the only possible reason I can think of. To get rid of it, hover your mouse on the bottom of your screen - the task bar should pop up. Right click, properties and uncheck "Autohide the taskbar" under "Taskbar appearance".
  5. Try a roll back.
  6. what operating system are you using? vista? windowsxp? ubuntu? linux? if its windows (either vista or xp or older) press ctrl alt del and the windows task manager should pop up. to restart your computer, do ctrl alt del again.