Computer help - cleaning the registry?

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  1. I was looking on the internet trying to solve my computer problems and I read that I need to 'clean the registry'.
    Do I need to download soemthing for this?
    Are there any online tolls that will do this for free?
    (I found one for $30 but that seems pretty crazy)

    Thanks =)
  2. Thanks - I'll check that out ASAP.
    No pop ups but my computre is acting weird - I read a blog on what to do and it says that the first thing I should look at is cleaning the registry. Then I downloaded something and it said I have like 300 problems but to clean it fully I need to pay =(
    I never really believe anything that wants me to pay - ya know ;)
    So I wanted to check it out for free.
  3. Cleaning the registry is a bit complicated as it's basically going through and finding files and references that you might not need...but then again, maybe you do. Usually they present it to you to determine if the software should delete the registry key. Most of the time the software is right in that it can't find any reason why you'd need a certain key or setting, but if it's wrong, and you delete it, a program might not work afterwards.

    What is your PC doing?
  4. You can also try defragmenting your hard drive as a preliminary step.
  5. If you've installed and uninstalled a lot of programs, there may have left behind data in the registry. This will slow down your computer, but the most noticeable effect is a slower boot. Non-experts really shouldn't be using Regedit, as it's easier to do more harm than good.

    If Windows is being sluggish all the time, there are less potentially dangerous ways of sorting that out. Running disc defragmenter is a good idea, but you should have at least 25% of free hard disc space for it to be effective. Turning off extraneous applications/widgets and getting rid of spyware are also beneficial.
  6. So - I cleaned it but it didn't ask me what to clean so I hope I didn't get rid of anything. Then I defragged. I had cleaned before I got the defrag suggestion.
    It's seems to be better now =)
    (It was freezing and being really slow)

    Thanks all =) I LOVE TPF :heart: