Computer Forensics Anyone??


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Jun 7, 2008
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Just interested to hear from anyone in this field. It's one of my many dreams when I think about what I want to do "when I grow up." Is it interesting? Does it keep you on your toes? How did you get into the field? Do you think jobs are more prevalent in any one particular part of the country??


Jun 4, 2007
i dont have any experience personally... but my cousin is very interested in this field. She got her masters at john hopkins and got a job with the government. she currently doesn't do computer forensics but she's been trying to get into it and i guess it's extremely hard to get into, or i suppose maybe just the level that she's trying to go for.


Jul 22, 2006
I had taken a certificate program course in Forensics and one of the speakers that came in for the class worked with the local crime lab in computer forensics.

The guy told me that most of the stuff they deal with is child pornography. However there are other things, for example drug dealers that use computers for their records that are password protected (they have programs to figure out hte password), but they have all these neat toys and gadgets.

The person I spoke to told me that he started out as a state trooper and he just liked gadgets, and from what I understood the hiring occurred within the department so I don't think it was something that was advertised.