COMPUTER CRISIS!!!! Someone rescue me!!!

  1. So there I was all proud of myself because I heisted my son's IPOD and actually figured out how to download songs etc...., and when I pulled the shuffle off of its charging computer went completely in no power, no nothing:wtf: !!!! I am perplexed:confused1: , as I know next to nothing about computers, but I do know it is not out of batteries as it was plugged in at the time, and I also know that it won't turn on AT ALL NOW!!!!!!!!! I have to try to fix it before DH wakes up, as I don' think he will be sympathetic AT ALL to my plight!!!! Ideas??????
  2. When a pc is running, and it has devices connected via a USB.

    You should make sure you stop the program running and safely remove hardware.

    To do this, look onto the icons on the bottom right of your task bar, right click on the one you want to remove, and it will have a remove option, it then tells you it is now safe to remove the device.

    Pulling it out, could, and I say could, not WILL, but it may well have lost some data and it can actually do damage to your pc.

    But like everything else, if a pc crashes it is a risk, so dont worry too much.

    I would restart your pc, if you cant switch it off as you normally would, a power off will have to do. But again, dont panic.

  3. Maybe you blew a fuse??LOL..Ive done that.
  4. Agree completely with SollyTia's post. Also, you might want to check your iPod if the songs are intact. In many cases that I've seen this happen, the playlist is wiped out and you are left with an empty iPod.

    Good luck.
  5. ^^^ I second that!
  6. Also, some PC"s have "reset" buttons. Look for that. I don't see why simply pulling out the iPod would cause any major harm like that. I mean, maybe if you wiggled it out, one of the connectors got bent to where it touched another and shorted something. If that's the case, and you can't get it to turn on, maybe your power supply is toast. Do you smell a burnt electrical scent?
  7. i use mac, and in both case with apple and PC. you SHOULD remember to move any plugged hardware like ipod, externak hard disk or flash disk before pulling out from the computer.
    it can cause crashed system in both hardwares.
  8. i've never managed to crash my computer from pulling my ipod out :confused1: in fact, sometimes the ipod makes the computer stall (it's ancient, i started using my old one after my newer one broke and i'm waiting for a new one to come out before i replace it) and pulling it out is the only way to get things going again (well the finder and itunes) is to pull it out. you're definitely *supposed* to eject things properly though.
  9. I did do the thing to remove hardware safely, but I didn't even remove the hardware...just pulled the Ipod off of its dock! It immediately lost all seems like a blown fuse, but I didn't know computers had fuses!!
    Jill...what did you do when your computer blew a fuse???????
    BTW...thanks so much for all of your responses.....
  10. Hope you have sorted it out.

    Now, I know nothing of other countries electricity supply, because like everything else, the UK seem to be different from the rest of the world.

    All the UK's electrical 3 pin sockets are fused, with appropriate size fuse.

    If there is a fuse, check it is OK.

    Whilst it may be safe to remove it from its docking station, if the pc or the ipod is still running, it could cause a pc to crash.

    I have a desktop pc and a laptop, because they are different USB versions, if I were to switch my desktop off with an external drive connected, when it comes to boot up and start, it has a problem. I just get a black screen.

    If it is still happening, try to remove the Ipod docking station via the USB, assuming it is USB. and try to start the pc, see if it starts normally.

    PC problems are so time consuming and frustrating.
  11. I'll check with the software/hardware dudes tomorrow. Sounds like some sort of OS issue.
  12. Thanks Christine....I had a computer fixer come yesterday, but he could only check to see if actual parts were working correctly! he ascertained it was a Hard-drive problem!! God only knows what that means.....:confused1: :confused1:
  13. I tried to PM you but your mailbox is full...